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Voice Recorder – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

The time of tape voice recorders has passed. Today is the time of digital ones, which help you achieve high audio quality, as well as organize those files to make their processing easy. You can even find compact models and others typical of spy movies, with which to record discreetly without anyone noticing. In any case, before opting for a specific model, it is advisable to know aspects such as the quality of the recordings generated, the autonomy of the recorder or its measurements and dimensions. Applying these criteria, we find models such as the Savfy Mini Pen recorder, a quite discreet design team so as not to attract attention. It has a memory of 16 GB of storage so you can record several hours without problems and it is quite resistant. Another offering is available in the Olympus WS-852 recorder, which efficiently removes noise and even lets you edit files on the fly.

The best voice recorders on the market

It doesn’t matter if you’re a journalist, if you have to take minutes of a meeting or you just want to keep your ideas when they come up without having to go looking for a pencil and paper. In all these situations, you will surely want to have the best voice recorder you can find on hand, in which to record those contents and process them later. A task that you can entrust to any of the models that we have chosen from our comparison of the best voice recorders of 2022, where there are models for all tastes and budgets.

Spy Voice Recorder

Savfy Mini Pen

A good spy voice recorder is the one offered by the Savfy brand. Its Mini Pen model owes its name to its particular design, since the equipment is inside a real pen with which you can write without any problem.

The Savfy device employs a high-quality microphone recording system that produces audio files at 192 Kbps so you can clearly hear the sound. In addition, it works in conjunction with a noise reduction system to avoid interference and a series of special functions that will make its use easier.

On the other hand, the pen has an internal memory of 16 GB of capacity to store audio, as well as a rechargeable battery that offers autonomy of up to 20 hours with only 2 hours of charging, so you can have it ready at all times..

Before deciding if this is the spy recording device you need, we invite you to take into account its pros and cons:


Multifuncional: Además de funcionar como bolígrafo y grabadora, este dispositivo también puede ser utilizado como reproductor de archivos MP3 o memoria USB.

Micrófonos: El sistema de micrófonos es multidireccional, por lo que se obtendrá una calidad estéreo en los audios.

Funciones: Tiene una función parecida al Stand By en la que la grabadora detendrá su proceso en caso de que haya silencio durante más de 3 segundos, pero será capaz de reanudar la grabación si detecta ruido.

Materiales: Está fabricada en aleación de cobre, por lo que es resistente a la corrosión y al desgaste en general.



Instrucciones: El manual de uso está en inglés y esto podría complicar su manejo al principio.

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Attodigit@ 8 GB

If you are looking for a discreet model, you might be interested in knowing in depth the characteristics of this alternative that stands out for being a spy voice recorder, since it has a design that does not look like a recording device and is compact. This recorder has a light weight of 12 grams and dimensions of 3.1, by 3.1, by 3.1 cm, being its circular and portable figure like a ball keychain. 

In addition, it does not emit any noise when starting to record, nor does it have flashing lights. It is equipped with a lithium Ion battery and internal memory with the capacity to hold 8 GB of content, which is equivalent to more than 120 hours of audio. 

Its operation is simple and instinctive through buttons for power on and recording. The collected content can be downloaded to the computer via USB cable, being compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

A discreet design for audio capture is an option that should be considered. Learn more about this model.


Design: It has an easy-to-camouflage design that looks like a ball keychain, weighing 12 grams.

Audio: It has a high recording quality, with stellar 512 Kbps HQ audio for distortion-free content.

Capacity: It is equipped with an internal storage of 8 GB, for about 130 hours of use.

Compatibility: The files can be transferred with a USB cable, being possible to download them on Mac and Windows. 


Battery: In the opinion of some users, the battery does not have enough capacity, compared to other models.

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digital voice recorder 

Olympus WS-852

The Olympus WS-852 is a classic digital voice recorder offering, renowned for both its recording quality and design. And it is that this product makes recording easier thanks to functions such as its intelligent recording that adjusts the parameters automatically. It also has advanced functions with which to edit the files on the fly.  

This recording is done through its two stereo microphones, combined with a noise reduction filter that only leaves what is important in your files. These files are stored in its 4 GB internal memory, which you can expand with micro SD cards through the included port. An efficient piece of equipment that, despite working with conventional batteries, offers good performance and recording autonomy compared to other similar devices.

If you are not sure which is the best voice recorder to equip yourself with, this model is one of the most renowned among users.


Noise reduction: The noise reduction function helps to record a cleaner and more pleasant sound than other models are capable of recording.

File control: Thanks to the file control functions, you will be able to manage your files and name them as you see fit, including searching by recording day.

Editing functions: In addition to the recording functions already mentioned, this model includes on-the-fly editing functions that make everything easier.

Card port: In addition to having an internal memory of 4 GB, you can expand it through the micro SD card port included in the equipment.


Speaker: According to some users, the included speaker does not have good quality when it comes to playing recorded sounds.

USB Connector: The USB connection is via a retractable port, which is not as convenient as a simple conventional wired connection.

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Victure V6

Getting the best voice recorder is not an easy task, but Victure’s V6 alternative is often recognized for its high-end features. This digital voice recorder has compact dimensions and light weight, so it is comfortable and has an ergonomic grip. 

In addition, it is equipped with an internal memory of 8GB, expandable, and 1536 kbps HD for sound capture, as well as an external microphone that improves audio quality through a noise reduction option. It is made with a robust metal body and incorporates an illuminated screen to keep track of folders, audio, time and others, with a simple menu in Spanish. 

Within its specifications, it has an MP3 player, rechargeable batteries, voice activation, smart timer recording and is compatible with different devices via USB cable. To protect the content, it has a password, preventing data leakage.

Digital voice recorders are suitable options for quality audio without distortion. Learn more about the V6 model.


Security: It is equipped with a password option that prevents data from being leaked, being necessary to enter a password.

Specifications: It has an MP3 player, voice activation, intelligent recording and rechargeable batteries.

Capacity: It has an internal memory of 8GB, expandable through micro SD up to 64 GB.

Microphone: It incorporates an external microphone for better sound collection with quality and without distortion. 


Adapter: Although it is compatible to use with devices such as Iphone or Ipad, a micro-B to Lightning adapter is required.

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voice recorder with effects 

Zoom H5

The manufacturer Zoom presents the H5 model, a voice recorder with effects that is recommended to improve the quality of the audio and for its ability to record a total of four tracks simultaneously. Because it is equipped with a stereo X/Y microphone, modules compatible with other versions can be connected.

In addition, it has a sound pressure level of 140 decibels and can record in MP3, Wave and BWF formats. Similarly, this digital voice recorder has a lightweight design of 281 grams in black, being portable, with dimensions of 7.8 cm by 4.8 cm by 15.3 cm. 

On the other hand, the model is equipped with two XLR Jack inputs and two stereo mini-Jack line/mic In for microphone and headphones, as well as a USB input. For its operation, it requires four double A alkaline batteries. Includes a case for added protection.

Some models are suitable for applying effects and improving audio, with Zoom H5 being a design that you should know about.


Sound: Capture quality sound thanks to the stereo microphones, with a sound pressure level of 140 decibels.

Inputs: For greater compatibility, it is equipped with a USB output, two XLR jack inputs and two stereo mini-jack inputs.

Design: It has a lightweight design of 281 grams, with its resistant structure, in black.

Case: To provide protection, it includes a case that protects its structure and improves portability.


Battery: Although it includes batteries, these are alkaline and non-rechargeable, and they wear out easily.

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sony voice recorder 

Sony ICDPX240.CE7

For those looking for a model highlighted by users, the Sony ICDPX240.CE7 voice recorder is an interesting proposal and comes from what many users consider to be the best brand of voice recorders today.

This recorder has all the quality of Sony in terms of sound management, which is noticeable both in the recording quality offered by the device and in the speaker that allows us to listen to these recordings. Additionally, you can connect both an external microphone and headphones if you wish.

The recorder also has a complete control panel that facilitates both the recording process itself and the management of the recorded files and their organization in folders. A function that is also helped by the included digital display where all the process parameters can be controlled. A simple model that also performs adequately when transferring the recorded content to any computer, thanks to the included USB port.

If you want to know the model that many users describe as the best voice recorder of the moment, keep reading our analysis of this almost professional Sony recorder.


Sound quality: Thanks to Sony’s renowned audio quality, this product records with remarkable sound quality, without noise or disturbance.

Control panel: Thanks to the control panel located on the front, it is easy to control both the recording and the file storage mode.

Speaker: The included 300 mW speaker allows you to directly listen to recorded audio on the go.

Capacity: The storage capacity of the device is 4 GB, so you will have no problem recording in various qualities and for as long as you want.

Small: This recorder has compact measurements and light weight, so it is easy to take it wherever you want.


Power: In order to squeeze its autonomy, it is necessary to use quality conventional batteries, it is advisable to use rechargeable batteries if you plan to use it frequently.

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hidden voice recorder

AttoDigit@l Reclighter

Another good option if you are looking for a hidden voice recorder is the one that the AttoDigit@l team has for you. This model stands out from the rest thanks to the fact that it has a double connection port, which will allow you to use it on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Specifically, the recorder has a USB port with a top cover that can be lifted to make way for a Micro USB, compatible with some mobile devices. In addition, its system is compatible with PC, Mac OS and Android.

Aesthetically, the recorder appears to be a normal USB stick. Its dimensions are 6.9 x 1.9 x 0.68 centimeters and a light weight of just 10 grams, so carrying it with you will not cause any inconvenience or discomfort.

Regarding its autonomy, the equipment can reach 26 hours of operation with just 1 hour of charging, being one of the most practical in this aspect.

If the Reclighter voice recorder has caught your attention, below you will find its most important advantages and disadvantages:


Discreet: Having such a compact, lightweight design and, in addition, being black in color, it is very unlikely that it will attract attention.

Connectivity: USB 2.0 and Micro USB connectivity in a single port gives you a lot of freedom of use to manage the collected audios.

Capacity: Its internal memory has a capacity of 8 GB and can store a total of 96 hours of recording.

Compatibility: The system with which the recorder works is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Android on mobile devices.



Outdoors: Its sensitivity to noise does not make it suitable for use outdoors.

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Other products

Tascam DR-05

Aunque no es una grabadora de voz profesional al uso, lo cierto es que el modelo Tascam DR-05 tiene unas características propias de este tipo de productos. Entre ellas, encontramos un micrófono omnidireccional de alta calidad, que elimina al máximo los ruidos y molestias a la hora de grabar. También cuenta con una buena variedad de formatos de audio, así como diferentes ajustes para eliminar los ruidos de baja frecuencia como más te convenga.

Todo ello sin olvidar su pantalla y su botonera, con la que gestionar todo el proceso de grabación como más te convenga. Y para que puedas exprimir aún más sus funciones, también puedes usarla con un micrófono externo, puedes conectarle un trípode o incluso un cargador externo a red para olvidarte de las pilas que, en condiciones normales, utiliza el dispositivo.

Si buscas una alta calidad de audio y la mejor autonomía a la hora de hacer tus grabaciones, las funciones de esta grabadora probablemente te interesen.


Micrófono: La grabadora incorpora un micrófono omnidireccional con el que obtener una alta calidad en prácticamente cualquier ambiente en el que tengas que grabar.

Autonomía: Este modelo te permite grabar todo lo que necesites, ya que las tarjetas SD pueden intercambiarse para acumular todas las horas de grabación que precises.

Alimentación por baterías: Dado que esta grabadora funciona con pilas convencionales, tampoco tendrás problemas para mantenerla activa con solo llevar pilas de repuesto.


Finishes : The finishes are, apparently, somewhat more “plastic” than they appear, according to some users.

Ease of use: The use of the device is not particularly intuitive, so you will have to know the different functions to get the most out of it.

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Victure X5

X5 is the name given to the Victure brand voice recorder. This device blends understated with sleek with a modern design, but a small size that’s easy to hide, and comes in black.

The dimensions of this model are 9.6 x 2.6 x 1 centimeters and its weight is approximately 45.4 grams. It can be easily hidden in a bag or even on clothing.

One of its most striking aspects is the recording quality thanks to the microphones built into the equipment. The audio files are 1,536 Kbps and have gone through an environmental noise reduction system capable of identifying and isolating voices for better understanding when listening to them.

On the other hand, it has a storage memory of 8 GB capacity where a maximum of 580 hours of recording can be archived depending on the quality chosen.

Victure offers you a modern alternative with useful features if you need a hidden voice recorder, which is why you should know about it in detail:


Sound quality: Although the maximum sound quality is 1,536 Kbps, you also have 512 Kbps, 256 Kbps, 128 Kbps and 32 Kbps available to save storage space.

Formats: You can choose the format in which the audios are created, such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, and more.

Modes: The system has several recording modes according to your needs: VOR, Monitoring, Segmented Recording and Timing.

Materials: The recorder is made of zinc alloy and has a very attractive mirror finish.



Screen: It has a discreet digital screen, but it could be easily noticed if the recorder is placed on a table, for example.

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Guide to buying voice recorders

If you want to keep an audio record of your classes, conversations or need to access voice information to process the audio later, you need a voice recorder. However, despite the fact that there are many models, not all of them have quality attributes. For you to make an efficient purchase, here is a guide to buying the best voice recorder, a section where we indicate the main properties that these devices should have.

Shopping guide


In the market you can get a good and cheap recorder, as well as higher cost alternatives, with technological features and practical designs. When purchasing a recorder, it is important to consider the design. In general, it is recommended that they be portable, lightweight and ergonomic devices. 

Manufacturers present a variety of options, from mini models, to others with discreet aesthetics that look like key chains or flash memories, instead of equipment to capture audio, through others of larger proportions that are made for professional use. So, if you are going to buy a recorder, consider that its weight is between 8 and 300 grams and its dimensions fit in one hand, for greater comfort.


If you want to know how much a voice recorder costs, then you should pay attention to the storage capacity that the device includes. Most models, or at least the most popular ones, have been equipped by the manufacturers with a standard capacity of 8 GB. This storage is suitable for holding between 120 and 140 audio files. However, this will depend on the type of format and the length of each track. 

Beyond the capacity of the internal memory, it is necessary to analyze if the device has a micro SD slot, as this would give the possibility of having more content and even being able to store MP3 songs that you can listen to at any time. In this sense, there are many models that are equipped with a micro SD slot, but do not include the card, making it necessary to purchase it separately. It is important to verify how many GB the device has capacity.

Screen and accessibility

Digital voice recorder models are usually equipped with small illuminated screens where it is possible to keep track of the activity. On the screen you can see data regarding the recording such as status (recording/pause), battery level, folder and recording time. All these indicators help to have a better adjustment of the device. 

Likewise, models that include screens tend to be more complete and have accessibility through small buttons, with which options can be selected and recording controlled. Also, it is appropriate that these audio collection devices are equipped with indicator lights, so that the user knows when recording and when the audio is stopped. 


If we look at the comparison of voice recorders, we can see that compatibility is a feature that should be analyzed before making a purchase, since it will depend on this to be more or less efficient. Although a recorder is capable of collecting sounds and this audio must be of high quality, with a low level of distortion, it is also imperative that this material collected by the device does not just stay there, but can be moved to listen and use. on other equipment such as computers. 

This possibility provides greater versatility and can be useful when the recorder is being used for professional or educational purposes, in order to reproduce the material. Therefore, it is recommended that the instrument record in MP3, MP4 and WAV format. In addition, the best models will be those that, through a USB cable, can be linked to the computer (Windows or Mac) to transfer the files.


For a voice recorder to work, it needs the power of a battery. Currently, there are a variety of battery and charging modes that are suitable for different purposes. In the market, you can get from models of voice recorders that work with disposable batteries, to others that include rechargeable batteries or a built-in high-power battery that is charged by USB. 

In this sense, it is recommended to select high-power alternatives whose duration exceeds 12 hours of use and, in order to save, models with rechargeable batteries should be sought.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to recover audio from voice recorder?

This depends on the voice recorder model. Generally, when files are deleted directly from the device, they are lost unless a backup has been saved on the computer. However, as these devices have storage memory, the files could be recovered by installing software on the computer and then connecting the recorder via USB cable to be recognized.

A dialog box will appear with the option to recover files. Follow the steps, enter the folders and you will be able to recover the audio that you had deleted. In any case, it is recommended to make frequent backups on the computer so as not to have to reach this stage.


Q2: How useful is a voice activated voice recorder?

These recorders are among the most technological models on the market and have several uses. Usually your operating system is simpler and recording will start automatically when it detects sounds. Similarly, in addition to starting the recording, it also stops when after a couple of minutes it no longer detects any noise. This advanced function is used to record in a more discreet way and without being noticed. However, you need to enable this option in the voice recorder settings beforehand.


Q3: How to hide a voice recorder?

There are different ways to hide a voice recorder. On the one hand, it is possible to acquire equipment with discreet designs that appear like other objects, being necessary only to activate the recording button and avoid seeing any indicative light. In other cases, you can carry a compact device in a pocket or backpack, or in a folder and just press the record button or enable the voice recognition function. In any of the cases, it is necessary to be careful and carry out previous tests, being careful to suppress sound functions so that the beeps or recording alerts do not reveal that some equipment is being used.

Q4: Does a voice recorder work to make music?

Voice recorders can be used for different purposes, music being one of them. However, these devices have been designed to capture audio for other, less artistic purposes. So it is not a device that has or is enabled with special functions for this purpose. There are those who improve sound quality by incorporating additional microphones, which reduce distortion and improve quality. Also, to make music, you can use some programs, applications and software that will improve the audio. 

Q6: What is a voice recorder with effects for?

In general, effect voice recorders are devices used to improve sound quality, captured through external microphones with higher audio quality and have the possibility of connecting modules compatible with different versions. In addition, these devices are usually equipped with a high sound pressure level and have the possibility of recording in stereo in different formats, as well as recording various tracks simultaneously.

Q7: Is it legal to use a spy voice recorder?

Everything will depend on the legislation of each country. According to most of the laws in the different countries of the world, recording without the authorization of the person is illegal and even punishable. In fact, a recording intentionally executed by a natural person, but without all parties being notified, will not be valid as evidence if used in court, although it might help to clarify a situation.

So, depending on the purpose, it may be legal to use it. For example, if it is high school classes and the teacher has asked not to use recorders, but a spy voice recorder is used, there will be no major repercussions. The same in the case of business, where there are those who use recorders to support the considerations and approaches established in a meeting, provided that everything has a prior agreement.  

Q8: Why my voice recorder doesn’t work?

There are different reasons that can lead to the voice recorder not working. The first thing to do is check the condition of the battery. The device is probably not damaged, but discharged, and in this case it needs to be connected to the power supply. If it is a model that works with disposable or rechargeable batteries, it is advisable to check the polarities and clean the contact. If none of this works, the mechanism is probably faulty.

How to use a voice recorder

Recorders are essential equipment for capturing audio content with a high degree of quality and without distortion. Its use is common and simple for connoisseurs. However, there are those who do not know how to use a voice recorder, so here are some steps to make it work efficiently.

Check and remove the items from the box

The first thing you should do when you receive the voice recorder is to remove all the included items from the box. The components included in the package are usually indicated on the box. The most frequent are batteries, instruction manual, USB cable or the special cable to download the content to the computer.

Check the operation of the recorder

Once you have removed all the elements from the box, you should take the recorder and try to turn it on from the “on/off” button, with the intention of verifying that the device is charged or that the batteries are included. If it does not turn on, depending on the model, you must apply a load or insert the batteries.

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