Brother ADS1100W Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a scanner with practical functions and a compact design that will allow you to use it comfortably when you are away from home, as well as having wireless connectivity so that you do not require wiring.

Main disadvantage:

The autofeed system can sometimes take more than one sheet at a time, so be on the lookout if you’ve loaded the scanner with multiple units.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The Brother ADS1100W model is a scanner that can meet your basic needs if you are looking for a practical, portable, easy-to-use product that does not require cables to transfer files.

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Main Features Explained

scanner features

In order to ensure the purchase of one of the best scanners that the market can offer, you must first evaluate the most important aspects of this type of device and one of the most influential, both in price and performance, may be the functions available..

Brother offers you a striking and practical scanner, the ADS1100W model. This equipment has an automatic feeder with a capacity for 20 sheets, preventing you from having to load them one by one to be scanned.

In addition to this, the equipment has a dual capture system that will allow you to scan both sides of the document at once, being very useful for handling large files together with a correction system for alignment skews and skipping of blank pages., to save space on the computer to which the scanned images are to be transferred.

On the other hand, thanks to its connectivity capabilities, several users will be able to use the scanner without the need for cables, making it a very useful tool to have in an office, for example. Thus, each user will be able to receive the document they need on their personal device without having to manipulate the scanner directly.

Connectivity and compatibility

For the opinions of other users, scanners are basic tools in an office or at home, since they allow you to digitize physical documents for editing, storage or sharing. Therefore, the next thing we recommend evaluating is the connectivity of the scanner to determine how practical it will be for you.

In the case of the Brother brand scanner, one of its most notable aspects is that it is equipped with a WiFi 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity system for fast document transfer, as well as the aforementioned ability to allow simultaneous use of several users within the WiFi network.

If you don’t want to use the scanner wirelessly, you’ll also have a Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 port available so you can connect it directly to the computer or other device you want to use it with. In addition to this, on the back of the scanner you will find a slot to scan especially identification cards, cards, licenses, etc., along with another to insert a memory card.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy to mention that you will not have problems installing this scanner on your computer thanks to its compatibility with the two most used operating systems in the world: Windows and Mac OS, in addition to the free Linux system for developers. Thanks to this, you will not have problems finding the necessary drivers, as well as having access to the updates released by the company.

Product design

Finally, it would not hurt if you also took into account its design, so that you know in advance aspects such as its size and weight to know how much space it will require at home or at work. This will make it easier for you to determine where to place it or, if it is portable, how comfortable it is to carry.

In this aspect, the Brother brand scanner stands out above others thanks to its modern, compact and practical design. It has dimensions of 38 x 17 x 20.7 centimeters with a weight of just 1.5 kilograms, being an alternative that will not take up much space on your desk and you could even carry it with you in your bag without problems.

On the other hand, its design is striking in terms of finishes, since it has polished and matte areas that give it a very attractive appearance. Its manufacturing materials have good finishes, to make the scanner a robust and reliable product, in addition to providing a direct control panel on the same equipment.

The panel is equipped to activate some basic functions of the scanner, as well as a button to stop the process in case of an error loading the sheet into the lane.

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