Brother ADS2400N Opinions

Main advantage:

Offering high scanning speeds along with features that speed up imaging processes, this equipment offers very useful advantages to take advantage of its capacity.

Main disadvantage:

The amount of memory installed in the scanner should be increased if it is to be used for intensive work, as continuous scanning of multiple documents can cause the scanner to stall.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This option in scanners may be recommended if you need a fast team when scanning your documents and that, in addition, offers practical tools for its use.

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Main Features Explained


scanning capacity

When you are analyzing what modern scanner lines have to offer, one of the aspects that you should thoroughly review is their capacity. Above all, if you plan to give it some regularity of use, either at home or in your work environment.

However, if there is something to highlight in this Brother scanner, it is its speed of work. The ADS2400N model is a high-speed device with which you can scan up to 30 pages per minute, allowing you to finish the job in less time.

In addition to this, the device can carry out scans to FTP, which will be stored on a server that is on the local network or the Internet as you prefer. This way you can have access to the images from practically any device with internet access.

connectivity available

Sometimes the selling price of a scanner can be influenced by the connectivity it offers to link with other devices. Depending on its capacity, this can range from classic computers to tablets, digital cameras, smartphones and more.

In the case of this scanner, belonging to the well-known Brother brand, its integrated components make it possible for you to choose whether to connect it by cable or wirelessly.

In other words, the device has a USB port for the computer, which will provide a stable and reliable link for data transfer. In addition, you will also find an Ethernet port in case you prefer to connect directly to the modem instead of using the wireless connection.

If you also prefer to register it on the home network to be able to access its services from several devices at the same time, the scanner offers Wi-Fi connectivity, with which you can use it remotely from multiple compatible gadgets.

scanner design

The design of the scanner model you want to buy is, according to various opinions, part of the main features that many consider before choosing which one to take home. This is because these types of gadgets are usually installed in small spaces such as desks, so it is important to check their size and weight.

Analyzing the physical characteristics of the Brother ADS2400N scanner, you will find that it has a slightly different design than most domestic models, but this is due to the fact that it is a device with high processing speed.

Its size is 25.8 x 30.6 x 25 centimeters and it weighs 4.45 kilograms, so it will require more space than a normal scanner. However, it justifies it with its scanning speed, as well as a series of trays on the top designed to allow you to insert various document formats in the proper position for processing.

As for its finishes, it is black to be easy to combine with other office equipment and it is robust, allowing you to handle it with confidence at all times. In addition, it has 3 programmable keys incorporated that you can configure according to your scanning needs.

special functions

In order to know which would be the best scanner for you, another essential aspect that you should check is the functions that the device can carry out, either to facilitate handling, speed up tasks or carry out unconventional actions in other scanner models..

Reviewing the capacity and functions offered by the Brother ADS2400N scanner, you will find that it is a model designed to speed up the scanning job, since it has a built-in function for scanning both sides of the document, with a single pass under the sensor. This cuts your digitizing time in half, allowing you to finish much faster.

Likewise, this scanning technique prevents you from losing important information due to simple forgetfulness or carelessness, providing a complete image for you to use as you wish.

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