Brother DCP-9015CDW Reviews

Main advantage:

The highlight of this printer is that it can connect with your computers through the local network or wirelessly for printing and scanning documents. In addition, it is capable of printing up to 18 pages per minute in color or black.

Main disadvantage:

The most notable disadvantage of this model is that it does not have a cooling system that regulates the temperature for extreme uses, which could lead to some of the fuser being damaged. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a multifunctional printer that will allow you to print, photocopy and scan physical documents and those that are on the internet in compatible storage platforms. 

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Main Features Explained

wireless system

In order to acquire one of the best printers on the market, you must first consider its functions over the other characteristics, since these may be the ones that tell you if the product you are planning to acquire is the right one and the one capable of meeting your expectations. 

The DCP-9015CDW model is very popular in the market because it is a multifunction printer that, in short, can perform different tasks simultaneously, where they stand out: printing, scanning and photocopying. Therefore, this is a product that in addition to allowing you to obtain a printout of your images and documents, you can also duplicate them by making a copy of them and even scanning them to send them by mail or store them on your computer. In addition to this, you will be able to perform several tasks simultaneously without the other task being affected.

Another very interesting aspect of the DCP-9015CDW printer is that you can control it wirelessly through a Wi-Fi network. That is, from a Smartphone, computer or tablet without having to go near it. Likewise, it should also be noted that this product presented by Brother can directly print or scan different types of documents that are on a local network or those stored directly in your email or in the cloud, which is compatible with Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote and Google Drive, which are the pages that provide online storage services, as well as other sites such as OneNote, Flickr or Facebook. Nevertheless,

Cartridges and print quality

If you are looking for opinions to be able to acquire a printer that is good and has an affordable price, some features that you have to look at before deciding on a specific model are the type of cartridges it has and the print quality it has. This is because the better a document can be printed, the better it will look for your papers at the office or university, whether you decide to use color or black and white.

The DCP-9015CDW is a printer that has a PCL6 / BR-Script 3 page description language, which allows color or monochrome documents to be printed with good letter detail and quality graphics and images. 

Also, this model is capable of printing 18 ppm A4-size sheets using color or monochrome and takes less than 16 seconds to print a single page, which provides speed and fluidity for document management. Being a printer that has laser printing quality at 2,400dpi, not at a photographic level, but of a semi-professional type to be able to present documents with very good quality levels.

On the other hand, choosing a printer that has a practical and economical type of cartridge is important to minimize costs in the short and long term, since it is worthless to have a good equipment if its cartridges do not cover the need to print the number of pages necessary, which will lead to spending more ink and money and having less production. As for the DCP-9015CDW model, it has cartridges that allow you to print up to 1000 sheets and, in addition, this product is compatible with the standard TN-241BK and TN-241C/M/Y, which are responsible for giving results. 2,500 and 1,400 pages and, with the ecological type of model TN-245C/M/Y up to a maximum of 2,200 sheets. 

design and energy

As for the design of the printers, you have to evaluate their size, weight, buttons, screen and other features that can be potentially beneficial so that you can decide if the printer model you have in mind is the one indicated for use at home or in the office.

This printer presented by Brother has quite comfortable dimensions that will allow you to place it on any table or desk without taking up much space, since it measures 41 x 48.3 x 36.7 centimeters and weighs 21.9 kilograms. In addition, its design is simple, but practical. It has a 9.3-centimeter LCD touch screen with which you can manage its functions and the documents to be printed, photocopied or scanned, as well as the equipment configurations for pairing with computers, Smartphones, tablets, local network, service platforms online storage and internet pages.

Additionally, it has large enough buttons with backlighting so that you can see the numbers and symbols that refer to the movement functions between the different sections of the equipment, to enter passwords and the number of documents to be photocopied or printed.

In addition to this, this printer has a tray to place the sheets that are going to be printed with a capacity of up to 250, so you will not have to worry when you are going to carry out small and medium-scale tasks.

On the other hand, it is completely silent, since its sound power when preparing is 4.38 dB and when it is printing documents it has 6.42 dB. It has an Energy Star environmental accreditation system, which is activated by default and is capable of consuming up to 1.2 kW per week, making it a cost-saving device that will not affect the electricity bill.

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