Canon EOS 1300D Reviews

Main advantage:

This model is one of the most suitable Canon cameras for newcomers, thanks to its simple operation even though it is a SLR, including everything you need to take good photos at a more than interesting price, both in conventional and automatic modes.

Main disadvantage:

Since we are talking about an initial range model, it is possible that it may fall short for the most experienced users of this type of camera. In addition, its resolution is “only” 18 megapixels, compared to 24 of most models.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A classic product that remains among the best Canon cameras both for its features and for its new functions, which already include WiFi and NFC, among other advanced and high-level options.

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Main Features Explained

Image quality

There are many who think that the quality of the image, in terms of number of megapixels, is not so important. Still, this product maintains a resolution of 18 megapixels, so it’s easy to get high-quality images in all kinds of environments, even being able to shoot Full HD 1080P videos using the product’s built-in film technology.

This image quality is due to the quality of its optics, but also to its DIGIC 4+ processor. This processor is responsible for obtaining very high quality images, while managing them more efficiently, which gives them extra quality, especially when taking burst or multiple photos. As much as to take up to 3 images per second with a very high quality.

All this translates into high-quality photos, which can even be printed in A2 format without complications. An image taking system in which we also have an ISO range of a certain width, up to 6,400 nominal and expandable up to 12,800 by interpolation, to take these images even when the light is scarce.

Control system

If we look at the opinions of this model, we find that many of them highlight the simplicity of its control system as another notable aspect of the product. A system in which we have a main screen of three inches diagonal and high resolution, so that you can clearly see what you are focusing on.

On this screen we can also configure the existing options for taking these images, with different modes of use. So, depending on your level, you will be able to choose between fully automated and fully manual image taking. Options with which you can customize the behavior of the camera and control some or all of the options, or let the camera do all the hard work for you.

In addition to the screen, the camera includes the traditional viewfinder for taking images, as well as a selector wheel on the top, in which to choose the image mode. The rest of the buttons are located on the back, next to the camera screen, offering easy navigation between the different product options, both for newcomers to this world and for those who are already more experienced.


Another advantage that this camera offers us is its portability, for which it has both an interesting autonomy as well as some measurements and a light weight. Starting with that battery, although it is true that the autonomy varies depending on the use we give it, the manufacturer indicates that it has an estimated capacity for about 500 shots. Something that varies if we activate the connectivity options, which we will discuss in the next section.

Regarding its weight and measurements, we are faced with an extremely light product that is easy to carry wherever you want. Something that helps a weight that does not reach half a kilo in service, staying at 481 grams, to be exact. Ideal for taking the camera with you wherever you want, without it being a bother.

An aspect in which you also have the collaboration of its measures, extremely compact. We are talking about a camera that is about 13 centimeters wide by another 10 centimeters high and approximately 8 centimeters deep. A really small size that places the product among the most compact on the market today. However, these measurements are those of the main body, which lengthens its dimensions when mounting any of the objectives that you have at your disposal.


We have already mentioned how this Canon camera is quite competitively priced. And one of the reasons why the camera also stands out, in terms of value for money, is because it has features typical of more advanced cameras, such as extensive connectivity. In this connectivity, we are going to have both WiFi functions and the NFC system, with which to make everything much easier.

Starting with this last system, the NFC allows you to directly connect your mobile, tablet or any other Android device easily to the camera by simply scanning the corresponding code. Something that simplifies the process of connecting both devices to take advantage of the functions that we will see below.

We talk about WiFi functions. These features make it much easier to upload your photos directly to the cloud or share them on your social networks practically the moment you take them. Something for which you also have a specific app, suitable for Android and Apple devices, which even makes it possible to remotely control the camera from your mobile, for use as a remote trigger, among other functions.

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