Canon EOS 2000D Reviews

Main advantage:

This model stands out for having a functional and simple design, which can be operated intuitively, making it a SLR suitable for beginners in the competitive world of photography, to capture quality images and share memories.

Main disadvantage:

Its price is much higher than that of other models in the same range. However, its attributes and features are quality, so its cost is justified.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a photo camera with advanced properties that includes the kit with a lens. From it it is possible to capture professional-style images and videos, by configuring its settings. Therefore, it is considered one of the best for initiation.

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Main Features Explained

Photos and videos

Cameras must have adequate resolution to take photos efficiently and capture the moment with all the quality of color and detail. User opinions on the Canon EOS 2000D agree that this model meets the requirements.

This is because its manufacturer has equipped it with a CMOS sensor that provides the possibility of obtaining images with a maximum resolution level of 24.1 MP. This value is adjustable according to the needs of the photographer and the result he wants to obtain from each shot.

Regardless of whether they are compositions outdoors, indoors, in open spaces or closed in studio, this Canon device adapts to any environment and provides a balance, both for reproducing and processing images with high quality. It is even capable of improving lighting conditions to obtain better, sharper graphics with deep details.

With the Canon EOS 2000D you just need to point and shoot for great photos, but if you need movies instead, this camera is equipped with the option to record in Full HD at 1080 pixels, with autofocus, stability and a speed of 30 frames per second, thanks to its Digic 4+ processor.

Screen and design

The resolution attributes of the Canon EOS 2000D camera are complemented by a practical screen to improve photo capture and a design suitable for optimizing the grip of the device and providing greater stability during use. Although its price is not the cheapest on the market, its physical features are among the best that can be achieved today.

In this sense, this Canon alternative is available in an elegant black color, with the specifications of the brand and model on the front of the body, labeled in white. For a professional style reflex model, this proposal has a relatively light and manageable weight, which does not exceed 500 grams.

In addition, to facilitate its grip, it has a handle that allows a correct grip to provide greater stability. This area of ​​the camera’s surface has a textured material, which the manufacturer has added to prevent it from slipping off your hands when sweaty.

Also, with this camera you can get a high-end frame thanks to its optical viewfinder and it is possible to review the results of the composition through the LCD technology screen, which has an approximate size of 3 inches and high resolution, with an estimated 920,000 pixels.

Connectivity and accessories

Considered to be the best still camera on the market, the Canon EOS 2000D model has specifications that enhance its basic functions and provide the possibility of sharing the captured content. In this way, the alternative is equipped with intelligent auto scene, the possibility to select blur effect, live view shooting, creative filters and more.

All the content that has been captured can be transferred to the smartphone and then shared on social networks or, if desired, backed up in the cloud. All options are open with the EOS 2000D because it has adequate connectivity through technologies such as NFC and WiFi, as well as the Canon Camera Connect app. In fact, it is possible to shoot remotely with the link between the mobile and the camera.

On the other hand, this model is equipped with a complete kit that will provide a better photographic experience for those who start in the world of photography, since it includes, in addition to the camera body, the EF eyepiece frame, a strap to carry it around the neck, the LP-E10E battery, a power cable and the start guide that will help you to better deal with the equipment and get the most out of its specifications.

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