Canon EOS 4000D Reviews

Main advantage:

This model has a practical and functional design in relation to its maneuverability and use, because it is built with a body in light material, weighing about 430 grams, which guarantees its portability.

Main disadvantage:

It has been commented that this camera can come with an English type plug, without incorporating the respective adapter for the Spanish type of connector, so it must be purchased separately.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This Canon model is suitable for both beginners and people with a medium level of knowledge in photography. It has several sensors that improve the image and has the possibility of recording video, making it versatile and functional.

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Main Features Explained

Design and weight

SLR cameras are at the pinnacle of photography, being competitively priced alternatives that have a high level of image quality. In fact, the best models, regardless of the photographer, provide a professionally styled look. One of the most important properties of these options is portability, that is, the ability to carry them from one place to another so as not to lose any detail. In the case of the Canon EOS 4000D reflex camera, it has a functional, practical, simple and, most importantly, portable design.

To achieve a comfortable hold and transfer, the model is made of high quality materials, including a plastic body and shell of adequate density, but which has been worked to be light. Therefore, the model has a reduced weight of about 430 grams. Thanks to this low weight, the photographer can carry it comfortably, whether hanging on the neck or in the hands, in a stable and uniform way, so that there will be no inconvenience or discomfort due to weight.

On the other hand, its design is designed to be functional and easy to hold. Therefore, it includes ergonomic features, as well as a black body that fits the hands and guarantees a proper grip. Likewise, it has a plastic structure with textured parts, which allows a better grip, with non-slip properties, thus preventing the camera from falling to the ground unexpectedly.

Within its design, this SLR camera has several access buttons that improve and allow access to various options and general settings, as well as scene modes, for versatility in photography. In addition, it has a rotary dial that is also for the selection of functions and modes.

Screen and technologies

The opinions of users about this model are positive because it is a high-end alternative, but at a competitive price and with attributes that allow a better experience when photographing. This has made the Canon EOS 4000D regularly regarded as the best SLR camera of the moment. In addition, within these attributes, this alternative is equipped with an LCD technology screen, with dimensions of 3 inches and touch. Through this screen you can see both the photos that have been captured, with an excellent quality of detail, to decide whether to redo them or not, as well as to see the camera adjustment options more precisely.

On the other hand, the camera is equipped with many technological alternatives that allow a better transfer of photographs, to share them with other equipment, such as smartphones or computers, so that later these photos can be modified in a more practical way from the programs of photo editing and then spread through social networks or give them any other use.

In this sense, the camera has a WiFi connection, which facilitates the transfer of images, also using the Canon application. Even the EOS 4000D is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and can be shot remotely via WiFi with Canon Camera Connect.

As if this connectivity mechanism were not enough, it also incorporates Bluetooth and, if you want a simpler and more classic file transfer system, the camera is equipped with an input for a USB port and an HDMI input, so that the content taken from the device can be seen on a television screen.

Quality in photos and videos

For a camera to be considered quality, it must perform its core function with high performance. Thus, the Canon EOS 4000D SLR camera has been developed by its manufacturer to take pictures with a resolution of 18 megapixels, through a sensor known as CMOS APS-C.

In addition, the model has a Digic 4+ processor, which although it is not the newest on the market, has a good performance for capturing photos and videos, with precise focus at a speed of three frames per second. Therefore, to have quality graphics, it is only necessary to frame and then shoot, so that the results are professional in style. Some of the capture functions of this camera are intelligent auto scene, live view shooting, creative mode, among others, in addition to the fact that the person has the possibility of adding finishes with filters.

On the other hand, it is possible to select blur effects with a natural background and with great detail, even if the lighting conditions are not the most suitable. Also, within its preset scene modes, the Canon camera is equipped with night portrait, sports, landscape, food, among many others, which improve the photographic quality of images, through a professional style.

In addition to photos, this camera is also suitable for recording moving images. The captured videos are regular sequences, which have a low level of vibration and movement, in a high definition resolution. As an extra feature for videos, the camera includes a microphone, so that it is possible to capture audio and sounds with a high degree of clarity.

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