Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Reviews

Main advantage:

This model is one of the best Canon cameras when it comes to image quality. Something that is achieved through the combination of a sensor of no less than 30.4 megapixels and a high-quality focus system.

Main disadvantage:

This model is not accompanied by a lens, as is usual, but only includes the main body of the camera. So unless you already have targets and gear available, you’ll need to purchase those items separately.

Verdict: 9.8/10

One of the highest models within the range of Canon cameras, specially designed for the most professional segment and with which we only worry about taking images.

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Main Features Explained

Image quality

Since we are talking about one of the best Canon cameras, we are dealing with a product whose image quality is outstanding. As much as to be one of the few products that mount a sensor capable of exceeding 30 megapixels of resolution. In total there are 30.4 megapixels that the camera makes available to us, so that taking images in RAW format with better quality and less noise is even easier.

In this approach we also have at our disposal the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system. This system takes duplicate images every time we shoot our camera, thus obtaining better resolution and clarity when processing them. Anyway, this process is also directly manageable, being able to obtain more material to achieve the best results in any photo you want to take. All these elements are managed by the DIGIC 6+ processor, which integrates this camera and speeds up this processing, without forgetting to give you the best of each shot.

The result of all these elements combined is easy to imagine, with resolutions that can reach 6,720 x 4,480 pixels, according to the specifications of shooting still images. In parallel, the system also allows recording videos of first level and considerable quality. So much so that this camera is capable of recording with a 4K resolution at 30 fps in a fluid and efficient way, as stated by many opinions about the product.

Secondary parameters of the image capture

To see some more details of this product, and that explain its high price, we delve a little deeper into its main parameters. Starting with the focus, the model has a 61-point system with five dual cross points, which are adjusted according to what the objective requires in the image shot. A process that allows the image or focus to be fixed where it is necessary, being able to play with contrasts and blurring.

Regarding the zoom, since we are talking about a Canon SLR camera, it is obvious that the zoom level is more adjusted. So much so that it stays at 10x, and can be applied in up to 10 steps. However, this zoom can be achieved with the different objectives, thus making it easier to get closer to those objects to be photographed that are further away.

Regarding the ISO sensitivity, responsible for measuring the light and adjusting the exposure of the image, it is another of the strong points of this product. We are talking about a model that has a base sensitivity of 100 to 32,000 ISO, being one of the highest on the market. But, as if this were not enough, as with other Canon cameras, we also have the possibility of extending that sensitivity up to 50 ISO at the bottom or up to 102,400 ISO at the top. So taking control over your photos will not be a problem.

Viewer and control system

Keeping your camera under control with so many options can be tricky. But thanks to all the options that the model includes, together with an improved and simplified interface, it is easier to manage properly. This system is based on a 3.2-inch diagonal LCD screen, slightly larger than that of conventional models and in which we can comfortably move between the existing options.

These options are variable, depending on how complicated we want to be or the parameters we want to control when taking these images. So we go from the simple, automated approach, where the camera does all the work for us, to the more creative approach, where we call the shots. In both cases, as well as in its many intermediate options, you will have no problem moving between those options.

Other aspects of interest

Although there is much to say about this model, we are going to summarize in this final section some aspects worth mentioning. One of them has to do with the connectivity of the product, where no option is missing, as expected. Thus, the camera has NFC connectivity to connect to your mobile comfortably, WiFi to send your photos to the cloud and publish them or GPS, to mark the exact geographical position of each image. All this without forgetting Bluetooth, which also facilitates product control.

Another interesting aspect of the product is the included battery. A large-capacity battery, enough for about 900 shots per charge, according to the model’s specifications. So if you don’t want to go looking for plugs or you like to take a lot of pictures, you can also do it with the peace of mind of not running out of power.

Finally, we cannot forget the portability that the camera offers us. A portability in which we have a product of compact size and light weight, thus making it easy to take it with us anywhere. It is true that it does not have the measurements of a compact model, since we are talking about a reflex camera, but the truth is that its size is tight. Without forgetting, in addition, that its exterior structure also has a high resistance, so that it adequately supports the dust and friction of use.

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