Canon EOS 800D Reviews

Main advantage :

The camera is professional-style and has the ability to capture photos at a high level of quality, with a resolution of 24.2 megapixels and several sensors that prevent distortion.

Main disadvantage:

Although it has the option to record high-quality video, it is not 4K definition. However, the capture is of an acceptable level.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This reflex camera model is used to record videos and take photographs with an adequate level of quality, it includes an optical viewfinder and a touch screen, to facilitate handling and selection of options.

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Main Features Explained

Videos and photos

The best reflex cameras of the moment are those that have versatile functions, that is, they can capture photos and videos with a high level of quality, to obtain detail and sharpness in each image. In this sense, the Canon EOS 800D model fully meets these requirements. On the one hand, it is possible to capture images and, on the other, if the user prefers, he can switch to video recording mode. In both modes, the quality is professional in style and every piece of content captured with this DSLR will be to high standards.

In this sense, the Canon EOS 800D SLR camera takes professional photographs with a resolution of 24.2 megapixels and incorporates an APS-C size sensor that captures all the details of reality, even in unfavorable lighting conditions. In addition, to have a better optics of the panorama and to obtain better photographs, the manufacturer has incorporated an optical viewfinder. It is also capable of continuous shooting up to about 6 frames per second. On the other hand, so that no detail is lost, this camera has an AF system for live viewing that, according to the opinions of experts and users, is the fastest in the world, because it is capable of focusing images with a high level of sharpness. and without noise, in just 0.03 seconds.

As for video recording, the camera also has interesting attributes to analyze and high-end, so in this area it competes closely with other professional models. These videos are captured in Full HD resolution, thanks to the fact that it is equipped with cutting-edge technology, which is even capable of capturing moving images with a good range of quality. In addition, it has several levels of control to change the cinematographic perspective and you can experiment with sharpening and other effects to change the contrast and tone of the videos. These videos are recorded at high speed, up to 60 frames per second and the camera has an image stabilizer.

Design and display

SLR cameras have a classic and functional design that meets the requirements of the most demanding photographers. Such is the case of the Canon EOS 800D, which has a competitive price and a comfortable, easy-to-use design, which improves access to the basic and advanced functions that the manufacturer has incorporated into the model. In relation to its design, it is traditional in style and is available in black. The camera body is made of high quality plastic.

This structure has a smooth surface on the top and a rough surface on the sides. The manufacturer Canon has incorporated this quality in the EOS 800D, in order to have a better grip system, through non-slip plastic, to prevent the camera from slipping and falling when holding it. At the same time, this property allows greater control over the equipment, which will guarantee better handling and stability, to reduce vibrations in photographs and videos. Also, the design of this model adjusts to the shape of the hand.

Within the design, it has some selection buttons, as well as an easily accessible trigger that does not require too much pressure. To choose some mode options, the user will only need to select via the rotary dial on the top of the camera.

To complete the sophisticated and modern design, the EOS 800D is equipped with a 3-inch screen, with touch technology. Through it it is possible to select the autofocus, which facilitates and improves its use. Finally, the model is one of the most convenient, because its weight is light at about 530 grams.

Compatibility and advanced features

When it comes to reflex cameras, it is necessary to consider some properties that will lead to better use and performance. Therefore, this Canon model is one of the favorites according to user opinions. The manufacturer has paid special attention to the compatibility of the model with computers, operating systems and smartphones. This versatile compatibility is what will allow the user to share the captured snapshots whenever and wherever they want.

In fact, the camera is equipped with the ability to share photos and videos wirelessly and with simple controls. For this reason, the manufacturer has provided it with advanced technological functions such as Bluetooth, which consumes little energy, as well as connection via WiFi with other mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

On the other hand, it has NFC, a function that allows automatic connection through Canon Connect Station or Android devices that are compatible with the camera, just by bringing both equipment closer together. When these are connected, the transfer of images is completed in a matter of seconds, so that they can be stored on the computer, on the mobile and published immediately on all your social networks.

All connected devices allow remote control and use the Wi-Fi network, making it possible for the user to make adjustments and shoot photos on the camera remotely. In addition, with the remote live view function, the user can see everything captured by this device in real time, from the screen of their mobile.

Another of the advanced features of this Canon model is that it has a Digic 7 processor, which allows all colors to be captured, with a low noise level, so editing touch-ups will not be necessary.

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