Canon EOS M100 Reviews

Main advantage:

This model of the EOS series has been equipped with a 3-inch LCD screen, which has the possibility of tilting at an angle of 180 degrees, to facilitate the capture of selfies and provide a better view of the content.

Main disadvantage:

Unlike other EVIL camera models, this alternative does not incorporate an optical viewfinder to facilitate capture, nor a cover to protect its structure.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This camera has a compact and practical design to carry, being its simple style for professional captures, since it incorporates an APS-C sensor and Digic 7 processor, which provides a resolution for 24.2 megapixel images, being one of the best EVIL cameras on the market. 2022.

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Main Features Explained

Resolution and screen

The Canon EOS M100 model is competitively priced, which is supported by high-end attributes like resolution and display. In this sense, the camera is capable of capturing photographs with high sharpness, surpassing in details and color proposals from other brands. This is because, in its operating mechanism, the manufacturer Canon has included an APS-C sensor, with a Digic 7 processor, for an image resolution of 24.2 megapixels, which will allow capturing images with high color content., adequate brightness and contrast, for professional-style details in the image composition, with a low level of distortion.

Also, the level of focus provided by the EOS M100 is precise, as it incorporates 49-point Dual Pixel CMOS AF, for fast tracking of faces and subjects, with a continuous shooting of 6.1 frames per second. Although the photographs that can be obtained with this camera are sharp and of quality, its advantages do not stop there, since it is also used to capture moving images, as well as high definition videos, with cinematographic quality, regardless of the lighting conditions. of the scene, with a defined resolution and in detail, both during the day and at night with low light.

All these capture advantages of the Canon EOS M100 are completed with the incorporation of a screen with LCD technology and tactile properties, which has dimensions of 8 cm or just over 3 inches. This screen is foldable, so that it can be moved 180 degrees, to facilitate the viewing of content and allow greater versatility when taking graphics for selfies. In addition, from this screen it is possible to select some of the functions and settings of the camera.

advanced features

Regularly considered the best EVIL camera on the market, the Canon EOS M100 stands out among its closest competitors for having a proper function, with captures of adequate resolution, low distortion and good level of detail, color, contrast and brightness. These attributes make this prototype a suitable model to be used by both professionals and amateur photographers who are just starting out in this area.

Through this device you can take photos loaded with content to tell a story of the moments lived from an attractive and colorful perspective. In addition, each of these graphs can be shared immediately on social networks, since it is equipped with WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth and NFC technology.

The Canon EOS M100 is easy and instinctive to use, so it can be used by photography professionals and beginners alike. It has been endowed by its developers with useful modes or sets for pre-established scenes in night mode, portrait, landscape, among others. In addition, it offers the possibility of manual operation to regulate the preferences of aperture, saturation, speed or use the automatic mode, which adjusts immediately to all situations with different light exposures.

For extended use of its functions, the camera includes a powerful battery, capable of holding 295 shots. Likewise, to keep track of the state of the charge, it has an indicator that can be clearly seen on the screen. Also, for greater versatility, it is equipped with advanced functions such as a built-in microphone, wind filter and noise reduction, among many other features that enhance its all-round performance.


Design is one of the most important attributes when making an EVIL camera purchase decision and this Canon EOS M100 model is one of the most sought after by users, as it has positive opinions about its performance and quality. photography, which is facilitated thanks to the fact that its body is compact and manageable, giving the possibility of effectively capturing each moment to be portrayed and immortalize it in time.

This EVIL camera has a design that has been described as small, compact and creative, because its developers have created it with the intention of adjusting to users’ tastes by personalizing the style. All this, without affecting its performance, since it has an intuitive operation, with practical controls.

According to what was announced by its manufacturer, the EOS M100 is customizable, with the aim of having an avant-garde appearance, to select from various styles. In principle, the user will be able to choose between three neutral colors for the camera body: black, white and grey. In addition, it is possible to add a base cover to its structure, which is available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Known as the EH31-FJ, these holsters are not included but are readily available.

In relation to its design, this camera has a compact size of 3.51 x 10.82 x 6.71 centimeters and is mid-range, between professional SLR cameras and simple ones. It can be held with one hand or worn around the neck, without causing discomfort, because its weight does not exceed 500 grams. In addition, it is built with a delicate body, but made with robust materials that protect the internal mechanism. It has a fastening system that prevents slippage, thanks to its rough surface and a rubber area for better adherence. Similarly, it offers the possibility of exchanging objectives.

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