Canon EOS M50 Reviews

Main advantage:

Equipped with a 24.1-megapixel resolution DSLR-sized sensor and a Digic 8 processor, it’s well-suited for capturing high-quality photos. In this way, the images are sharper and clearer, with a low level of distortion.

Main disadvantage:

Despite its adequate performance, this Canon camera does not have a high-end lens and image stabilization, like other alternatives in the same category.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a compact size and easy to use EVIL camera that is equipped with a high performance sensor. In addition, it has a touch screen and optical stabilizer.

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Main Features Explained


EVIL cameras are a convenient option for those who want all the benefits of a high-end camera, but in a compact and manageable size. Among all the models that are available in the market, the Canon EOS M50 prototype has positive opinions within the user community. This is due to its efficient operation, but also because its design is practical and simple, which guarantees convenient operation and automatic operation of the options through the use of buttons and rotary dials.

Furthermore, the Canon EOS M50 is available in a stylish white colour, measuring 5.87 x 11.63 x 8.81 centimeters and weighing 400 grams. Its design is modern and has the brand’s lettering on the surface of the structure in black, so that they stand out, just like the objective. Likewise, it is made of robust and resistant materials, with a plastic casing that protects the interior. In the front part it has an area that allows better support, through a textured material that prevents it from slipping from the hands.

This model is equipped with a touch properties screen from where it is possible to select some camera functions, which makes it even easier to use. This screen has dimensions of 3 inches or 7.5 cm, so that small size photographs can be viewed correctly, to have an idea of ​​whether they meet the requirements or should be deleted. Another advantage of this screen is that it has a movable angle, so the user will be able to adjust it according to needs or the amount of light, for a better view of the content.


The price of EVIL cameras varies due to properties such as resolution, processor and sensors, which are responsible for improving the quality of the images that are captured with the shots. If the properties of the Canon EOS M50 model are analyzed, we will find that it has an adequate resolution, for high-end operation, which allows taking photos and recording videos with high quality, thus ensuring images with a professional style.

These characteristics mean that this Canon model is constantly recognized as the best EVIL camera of the moment, because its manufacturer has equipped it with a resolution of 24.1 megapixels and a Digic 8 processor, as well as an EF.M15-45MM lens.. With this capability, you can take quality, high-resolution photos with a high level of detail. In addition, the EOS M50 model has been enabled with the function of recording videos at 4K resolution for cinematographic high definition, with different capture modes for moving images.

Also, to achieve less distortion, this model has 5-axis video stabilization, so it has nothing to envy the SLR alternatives in terms of images. Its quality in photos and videos stands out for providing high performance, even in low light conditions, which allows the user to control the depth of field in the scenes.

Similarly, this Canon EOS M50 camera has a central electronic viewfinder to focus efficiently, which is large and offers the possibility of immediate speed of shooting, so as not to miss any moment and capture all the details in space. portrayed.

Advanced functions and properties

Buying an EVIL camera can be a simple task, because although there are many models available, few have high-end performance and advanced features that improve the overall performance of the camera and, therefore, the experience. user photo. This is the case with the Canon EOS M50, which works efficiently thanks to being equipped with exceptional attributes for better performance.

Among these features and functions, this EVIL camera has an optical stabilizer, built-in WiFi and precision focus with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which allows fast and effective tracking for regular and clear captures. In addition, it has a Bluetooth connection and, thanks to this compatibility for connectivity, it is possible to view and edit the images captured directly from the camera or in the comfort of the smartphone, tablet or any other device, and then share them immediately in the social media.

For higher quality images and easy capture, this camera allows adjustment of contrast, saturation, as well as autofocus modes, face tracking, self-timer, anti-dust function, image correction, microphone for high-quality videos audio and various scene modes, for professional-style photographs automatically, such as food, close-up, portrait, night, landscape, sports, among others.

Also, its manufacturer has equipped it with a high-capacity LP-12 battery, which has an estimated operating time of about 235 shots. In the same way, for a single purchase the user will get, in addition to the EVIL EOS M50 camera, a neck strap, the lens cap to protect it, an EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM lens, the battery charger and the power cable, among other helpful accessories.

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