Canon makes its first instant cameras

Taking into account that instant cameras have returned to the market to satisfy the needs of many users who love photography, it is important to mention that, in addition to Polaroid or Leica, Canon also joins the innovation and manufacturing of this type of product.

Canon has come to propose a simple and intuitive way to take the best photographic shots and then enjoy quality printing. To do this, it has launched two new models of instant cameras called Zoemini C and Zoemini S.

These same ones give anyone the opportunity to have fun capturing those happy moments and, of course, printing the images instantly, just as it used to be when only instant cameras existed.

That being the case, next, we will talk a little about each product so that you can learn the most predominant details both in its structure and in its operation.

Canon Zoemini C

Let’s start with the Zoemini C camera, characterized by offering you the opportunity to capture the best selfies thanks to the mirror that it includes in its structure, ideal for you to see your pose, as well as the gestures you decide to make before taking the picture.

Likewise, it is considered by many users to be a very practical and functional product as it has small dimensions, that is, we are talking about a pocket camera that you can take with you wherever you go without any inconvenience.

It should be noted that its design does not leave much to be desired as it is considered elegant and able to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand so that you can take the best shots. As for its structure, it is available in different colors for you to choose the one you prefer, the same ones being navy blue, bee yellow, mint green and bubblegum pink.

This instant camera has a clever combination of technologies that will allow you to enjoy quality use. For its part, you can capture and print the images you want from the same device. In addition, you should not worry at all about the resolution that each image could have, since the camera has 5 megapixels.

The best of all is that you will have the opportunity to insert a micro SD card so that the photographs you take are conveniently archived, therefore, you will not only be able to have them printed but also in digital format.

Now, let’s talk about the photographic paper used to print your images. The same, called Canon ZINK, is completely covered with microcrystals, therefore, you will have the possibility of enjoying a print without smudges, resistant and waterproof.

Another detail that this photographic paper has to offer is that it is totally adhesive, therefore, after printing the image you want, you can adhere it to any notebook, poster or place where you prefer to see it every day. Likewise, the instant camera has a special capacity for 10 sheets, with dimensions of 5 x 7.6 centimeters.

Finally, let’s talk about the accessories that are included with the camera. These are designed to make their use much more comfortable and safe. Therefore, you will have at your disposal a special USB cable to recharge the camera battery once it runs out, 10 sheets of Canon Zink photo paper, plus a Smartsheet, a wrist strap so that you can prevent it from falling suddenly while shooting. you have in hand and, of course, your quick start guide.

Canon Zoemini S

The Zoemini S model is an elegant solution for those who love photographs and even more the fact of being able to have them printed in the blink of an eye. It should be noted that its design is available in the colors pink, matte black and pearl white. Likewise, we are talking about a totally portable model with a pocket size that you can take with you wherever you are without taking up much space among your belongings.

Regarding its functionality, this model considered the best instant camera of the Canon brand allows you to use Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an App called Canon Mini Print designed to print the images you want from your cell phone. Similarly, if you want a much more personalized product, this camera does not leave much to be desired, since through the application you can program the camera with personalized sounds, as well as adjust the special photo timer so that you can achieve the perfect pose before taking it.

For its part, with the use of this camera you will be able to get the best photographic shots, since it offers you a total of 8 megapixels, as well as the illumination of the special light ring so that you can enjoy impeccable selfies. Likewise, in the structure of this model you will find an ideal mirror so that you can see how you would appear in the photographs.

It should be noted that with this camera you can enjoy really quality group shots, since the aforementioned App allows you to enjoy the remote shutter function, therefore, you can perform this action from your cell phone.

Best of all, you can download the Canon Mini Print app from your tablet or cell phone for free through the App Store and Google Play. In this way, you can even take your own photos and share them on your social networks so that your friends and followers can see all your selfies and creations from the Zoemini S camera.

In short, we are talking about cameras that do not have an LCD screen, but rather an optical viewfinder accompanied by a special mirror where you can see the reflection and framing of the pose you decide to take to take a selfie.

Differences between both models

Although they seem very similar, both models have differences in terms of functionality. In this sense, the Zoemini S model is much more advanced, since it has Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an integrated flash. Unlike the Zoemini C model that does not have the features described above, but does have a more affordable price.

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