Canon Powershot SX620 HS Reviews

Main advantage:

This Canon camera is a great idea for all those who want to always have a quality product at hand, since it combines high resolution and good image quality with a very compact design and size, especially if we compare it with a SLR model, for example.

Main disadvantage:

Although there are various kits with accessories for the camera, such as the carrying bag or the memory card, this does not include any of them. Something that influences its price, although if you want to have them you will have to choose another kit from those available.

Verdict: 9.4/10

A high-quality camera, compact dimensions and almost all the features that make this manufacturer one of the most outstanding on the market today.

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Main Features Explained

camera type

When we talk about Canon cameras, we generally think of SLR and other high-end models. But in this case, the Canon Powershot SX620 HS model is an exception. And it is that this product has been designed following the guidelines of a compact camera, so that it can be carried anywhere comfortably.

This translates into very tight measurements, 9.69 centimeters wide by 5.69 centimeters high and just 2.79 centimeters deep. So the product can be carried in any bag or backpack without complications and without you noticing. Since its weight is also tight, just 180 grams. Something that differentiates it from SLR models that are usually much larger and bulkier.

Image quality

A compact camera doesn’t have to offer poor image quality and this Canon model is the proof. The product has a sensor with a nominal resolution of 20.2 megapixels, placing it at the level of conventional mid-range cameras. So getting good quality photos and videos is as simple as point and shoot, and you can even record videos in Full HD quality at the touch of a button.

This image quality is obtained, among other elements, by the quality of the sensors and lenses of the products manufactured by this brand. Optics that are also present in this device, being close to being the best Canon camera in its category. The Digic 4+ processor is also present, usual in the brand’s SLR models, which is responsible for improving the image quality of everything you photograph, while speeding up this procedure and making it even more agile.

To top off this image quality, the product is accompanied by a 25x optical zoom and a digital one that can reach 50x. These two zooms allow you to get closer to all kinds of objects, when taking photos and videos, while always maintaining high quality, for which the product is also responsible for executing the corresponding frame.


We have said that this camera is compact and of quality, but that does not prevent it from also having the high-level connectivity of the most advanced models. So much so that this product offers us both NFC and WiFi connection, to make it easier to transfer your photos and videos. Something that also highlights the different opinions regarding the product.

Starting with that NFC connectivity, it is responsible for simplifying the process of connecting any mobile or tablet directly to the camera, so that connection is much easier for you. Regarding WiFi connectivity, this allows you to send images directly to the cloud, share videos on social networks and do almost anything you want with what you record or photograph directly from your mobile.

To top off these features, the product is also compatible with the Canon Camera Connect app, to simplify all these procedures and get even more features when using the camera. Functions among which we have the remote shooting system, which allows you to use your mobile as a remote control, when taking photos or videos.

Expanded Creativity

As a final and outstanding aspect of this product, it is necessary to talk about everything that the equipment offers us during its use. Among these functions, we have a hybrid and automated image capture system, which is responsible for choosing the different parameters of the image for you, making the process easier. Anyway, if you are one of those people who wants to have everything under control, you can also opt for the manual operating mode, which gives you the option to adjust these parameters to your liking.

In this section we also find the creative shooting option. A function with which the camera analyzes the image when we press the shutter button and takes up to five additional images to the original, applying different filters and compositions to each of them, depending on the circumstances in which you take the photo. A function that is also executed in video recording mode, so the speed and exposure of the recording are adjusted, thus giving higher quality to the final result obtained.

In addition to all these elements, we have the functions of creative filters. These filters allow you to apply distortion to all or part of the image, add fisheye effects, create thumbnails, and apply other interesting elements to both your videos and photos. So, despite talking about a compact camera, you’re not going to miss the more creative options that we can find in higher-cost or more professional-level products.

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