Canon Zoemini Opinions

Main advantage:

It works with a new technology called ZINK, which is short for Zero Ink, which means that it does not use ink for printing. Alternatively, it has a heat system that reacts to the layers of paper to reveal the image.

Main disadvantage:

This printer could be at a disadvantage compared to other portable models, since it has an autonomy of approximately 20 photos per charge, which can be impractical.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is an affordable portable photo printer, capable of printing photos easily thanks to the Canon Mini Print app, which has an intuitive interface.

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Main Features Explained


This portable mini printer can be operated via the Canon Mini Print app, which offers free download via the App Store and Google Play stores. For greater versatility, it allows you to edit the photos, either by adding image filters, frames, drawings and texts. Similarly, the application has an option to store, organize and share your collection of photos from Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, iCloud and Dropbox, which increases versatility.

Also, you can use the Mosaic function, suitable for creating an attractive puzzle from 4 or 9 5 x 7.6 cm prints, which allows you to make collages with different images, to let your imagination flow by joining the photos in an artistic and creative poster.

On the other hand, it incorporates a lithium polymer battery, which offers rechargeable operation, with 7.4 V and 500 mAh. For this reason, it is capable of printing 20 photos per charge. To promote energy savings, it has an automatic shutdown function, which can turn off the equipment every 3, 5 or 10 minutes if you are not using it.


This device works with the innovative ZINK technology, which refers to a digital printing system created specifically for portable and mini photo printers. A common feature in these devices is that they can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Among the most outstanding features of ZINK technology is the fact that it can print full color photos without using ink cartridges. This is mainly because the used paper has been treated with micro-crystals that react to heat, which is more environmentally friendly and offers a unique performance for developing images.

In this sense, ZINK paper is made up of a protective layer and three color layers. The latter incorporate colorless ink to the naked eye, made up of the CMYK color mode, which includes the colors magenta, cyan and yellow. The color layers are activated by heat during the printing process and allow you to obtain photos with bright and vivid colours.

resolution and paper

It is capable of printing photos at a maximum resolution of 314 x 600 dpi, so it can bring a lot of detail to your prints. In addition, it is capable of bringing out lightness and brightness, even in images that were taken in dark places. For this reason, according to expert opinions, this is one of the best portable photo printers today.

Regarding photo paper, you can get it in the presentation of 20 or 50 sheets to start using it immediately after purchase. It is important to mention that it is the Canon ZINK product, which is waterproof and resistant to smudges and scratches. In addition, it has an adhesive back for greater practicality.


It is one of the most compact portable photo printers on the market, as it can be stored in a travel bag or carried in a pocket, thanks to its weight of only 160 g and its dimensions of 11.8 x 8, 2*1.9cm

On the other hand, it includes a micro USB power cable, which allows you to easily charge the device by connecting it to a computer or using an adapter for a wall outlet. Similarly, the package offers a quick start guide to learn more about the features and operation of the printer.

In addition, it has a highly resistant casing, available in the colors black, white and metallic pink, so you can choose the tone that best suits your style.

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