Capture the best of summer with these photographic technologies

Summer brings with it many possibilities of enjoyment, which are necessary to record in a photograph. So it is prudent that you take a suitable camera with you and that it has functions that improve the experience. There are them with long-lasting batteries, waterproof, with internet access, among many other technologies.

Having a camera is a way to guarantee that you will have a graphic memory of your adventures, trips and experiences for posterity. Also, if it’s professional SLR models, you’ll have a photo album to envy. Hence the need for many people to acquire a design with which they can capture the best images, that allows them greater versatility and that they can use in any condition.

Currently, the catalog of photo cameras is extensive. Each brand presents a great variety of models, with different specifications that can be adapted to different needs. For example, for the summer there are some interesting options for underwater cameras, panoramic cameras, as well as others that have a high-power battery and many others that connect to the Internet, allowing greater immediacy. 

The different brands seek to convince users to buy their models and it is not in vain that they are recognized as the best cameras of 2022, for having attributes that diversify the capture possibilities. 

Mobile cameras are more delicate

Although the cameras that are included in the mobile equipment are practical, they may not be a convenient alternative to take to the beach, because they are delicate models. For this reason, many people consider that the best for capturing images outdoors are compact digital cameras, which tend to be more resistant and appropriate for extreme sports, diving, among other activities.

In this sense, if you are looking for a functional camera for these activities, it is appropriate to go for simple designs, but with high performance that can be carried in your pocket and that do not represent a problem if water splashes on them, they fall to the ground or the screen is scratched. 

A wide range of options

The product offering in this segment is wide and very interesting. There are from models that are designed for adventurers, who want the best images while launching from a paraglider, to those who follow complex routes with their mountain bike. 

For all of them there is an option that is usually represented in action cameras, being lightweight, compact prototypes with high resolution to record audio, video and capture images, with additional attributes such as WiFi connection, LCD technology screen, among others. Some of the most representative brands of this style are GoPro, Nikon, Kodak, Pc-Bx, Noblex, HP, among others.

When selecting a model, parameters such as compatibility with accessories such as mounts for helmets, bikes, buckles, straps and anchors, which allow them to be placed on different surfaces, should be considered. 

water chambers 

For those who are attracted to water sports, there are alternatives that can be submerged at shallow depths. But if you want to go further, there are options to which you can add an airtight case, making them submersible.

Another aspect to consider is the stability of the equipment and the reduction of instability to record videos, even if you are on uneven terrain. In this aspect, the Hero 7 Black offers a high degree of stability and can be submerged. Another advantage of these devices is that their use is instinctive and with a single button almost all functions can be controlled, being possible to link them with the mobile. 

Other technical specifications and models

Similarly, before choosing a model at random, you should analyze the writing speed of the micro SD memory, as well as its storage capacity. The recommendation is that, if it is a camera for photos and FullHD videos, a class 10 memory should be purchased. These cards are equipped with a data speed of 10 Mb per second. Now, if you want to shoot in 4K, you need the card to be 30 MB per second. To recognize them, they are identified with the letter U. In relation to capacity, 64 GB is adequate.

Once the model, type, screen technology and storage memory have been selected, it is time to analyze the battery with which the camera is equipped. The vast majority of models have a short battery life, so it is necessary to carry the charger everywhere and preferably a spare part so as not to lose any details.

The manufacturer Samsung also presents a model known as Gear 360 surround, with which it is possible to make live broadcasts, and has an ergonomic design that improves its grip.

Similarly, according to estimates, technological trends point to digital instant cameras. With these devices it is possible to print automatically and you can also edit the capture and improve it with effects. They have a resolution of 10 MP and have a high quality lens. In addition, they incorporate lithium battery and USB input.

Likewise, there are panoramic cameras that capture 360-degree images, allowing a greater perspective and angles. These models tend to be recommended for those taking close-up photos or looking to capture landscapes and monuments. 

On the other hand, if staying connected to social networks is your priority, then you should select a model that supports video streaming on Facebook or YouTube, without having to use the phone. In any case, there are also alternatives that can be linked to the mobile through software.

To complete the options, there are cameras in the catalog of many brands that have two lenses, but others are equipped with only one. Within the models that have two lenses, there is an angle of 360 degrees, but it is not always complete. However, they have the possibility of capturing photos with fisheye effects, panoramas, among others. The most important point when making a choice is that they are comfortable, low in weight and with an adequate diaphragm opening.

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