Casio FX-991SPX II Reviews

Main advantage:

With 575 special functions, this scientific calculator stands out for its completely solar charging, allowing you to easily recharge it on sunny days. In addition, it has an instruction menu in multiple languages ​​such as Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Portuguese.

Main disadvantage:

You must be careful with the protection cover, since it is made of a material that can break if you put a lot of pressure on it. However, such a cover adequately protects the calculator keys.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Ideal for calculating roots, factoring numbers and permutations, this scientific calculator will allow you to perform a wide variety of calculations such as generating integers, conversions and calculating degrees.

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Main Features Explained

Academic and professional functions

With a wide variety of special academic features that you can take full advantage of, this calculator is a great alternative to purchase. Let us remember that the number of functions, in addition to directly affecting its price, determines which model is really useful in the professional or academic field.

For this reason, as a starting point, it is important to know what use you will give the calculator, especially taking into account that, although for academic purposes practically any model can be perfectly valid, for the professional field the choice is more complicated, since we will require a model that allows us to save time doing the most complex calculations. 

This scientific calculator has a wide range of functions, being an ideal model in case you need to solve trigonometric or inverse trigonometric, hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic exercises. In addition, you will be able to perform root and power calculations, exponential calculations and logarithmic calculations. You will also be able to calculate combinatorial and permutation roots, factorization of prime numbers and random generation of integers. Likewise, you will have the opportunity to convert fractions from sexagesimal to decimal and vice versa, in addition to calculations of degrees.

Screen size and quality

Considered one of the best scientific calculators, this model belongs to the high-end of the ClassWiz series and incorporates a practical high-resolution LCD screen, which allows you to obtain high-quality images, as well as perform applications with spreadsheets or functions with QR codes. Remember that the market offers calculators that range from a simple line with a single color to models that allow you to see the graphs in great detail. This is why many users look for models that have screens large enough to have a better and more comfortable view of the data.

The projection of data and information in various languages ​​is a great advantage of this calculator, as it allows you to configure the screen in Spanish, Portuguese, Basque and Catalan, being able to adjust it to what you understand best. In addition, taking into account the use that you are going to give it, if the orientation will be for high school and ESO level, it will be enough to have a monochrome screen with only two lines. As the range of the calculator grows, so do the displays, providing the ability to see and understand the data more clearly. However, this scientific calculator allows you to display graphs and tables comfortably.

Keyboard, operation input and drums

The opinions of users who seek to acquire the best scientific calculator suggest that the more complete the model, the more buttons it will have available, not to mention the basic ones in charge of subtraction, addition, multiplication and division, which are present in all calculators., no matter how simple they are. This is the case of the Casio FX-991SPX II, which has a wide range of special buttons, which allow up to 575 functions with 47 scientific constants. In addition, this scientific calculator has a practical fraction button that allows you to quickly change the display mode of the division result.

On the other hand, this calculator has four main silver buttons such as power on/off, menu access, “shift” and “alpha”. Likewise, it offers four directional buttons with which you can easily move around the menu. This model also stands out for having a solar cell on the front that allows you to recharge and significantly save the device’s battery. However, if the digits appear fuzzy or very light, you will most likely need to replace the internal battery, which is easily accessible on the back of the calculator.

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