Create functional crafts using a laminator

In addition to preserving important documents with a layer of plastic to prevent them from being damaged, with a laminating machine it is possible to create fun and functional crafts with different objects and natural resources that do not require investment, only creativity, to make dividers, decorations and much more. plus. 

Crafts are activities that create interesting and fun products that are used for all kinds of decorations. One of the great advantages is that with this type of object you save a lot of money, you work on your imagination and creativity. Many crafts are simple and when finished look like works of art that complement a space with color and a natural aesthetic. 

To make crafts you have to take advantage of the elements that are available, from resources such as machines and scissors, to natural ones, in order to create a versatile, attractive, colorful and functional craft.

If you have a laminator at home, for either hot or cold laminating, you can create some colorful crafts, knowing that all you need to do is select a couple of beautifully colored garden flowers, tree leaves and get your hands dirty. to the work to take advantage of all the beauty of nature and immortalize it in a functional creation for everyday use or to decorate the home. 

hands introducing a document laminating machine

seize the flowers 

Although the flowers are beautiful and many of them are exotic, full of colors and aromas that invade spaces with delicious notes, a reality is that once they have been cut, they will only serve to decorate for a couple of days. Little by little, the natural process of withering will be completed, ending its undeniable beauty, as it does not receive the nutrients produced by the earth, water and sun, which it requires to remain splendid.

There are those who enjoy natural flowers, while they are on earth and adorn the garden with their colors. To do this, they garden and take care of the plants, adding the fertilizer and nutrients they require to maintain their natural beauty. 

However, although everyone may like flowers and plants, the truth is that not all people have the talent or ability to maintain and preserve them, nor do they have the time to dedicate them and preserve their natural attributes. 

For those in the latter group, all is not lost. There are ways to preserve at least the visual attributes of tree flowers and leaves indefinitely and enjoy their full color, without going out into the garden or letting them die. 

For this, there are crafts, so that some decorative, versatile and functional objects can be created both with tree leaves that are striking due to their shape or personal meaning, and with natural flowers. This can be achieved through a plasticizing process. 

Laminated leaves and flowers 

For this craft you will need some leaves. You can pick them from the ground or cut them from a bush. The shape, color and type will depend on the tastes of each person and the idea is to preserve its beauty through lamination with a thin layer of plastic.

To be able to do this, it is not necessary to have the best laminator of 2022. It only requires equipment that works efficiently and has various heat levels, as well as supports various thicknesses of plastic sheets and sizes, so that the process can be completed successfully. 

Now, in case you prefer roses and flowers, it is also possible to preserve them with the same technique, as long as they are not very thick, because otherwise the laminating machine will not admit them and there is a high possibility that the equipment spoil unless a vacuum sealer is used. 

To make these decorative elements with leaves or flowers, it is only necessary to use the laminator or vacuum machine properly and the same technique must be practiced for packaging.

What is needed?

To carry out these projects, you will need a home laminator, scissors, laminating sheets, hair clips, fabric ribbons, glue, leaves and flowers that you like. As additional information, if you do not have a vacuum packing machine or a laminator, these equipment can be obtained at affordable prices, ranging from 20 euros for the simplest ones and which will work if their use is moderate.

Other craft ideas

Also, from a similar technique it is possible to create a children’s hair tie. You should take a sheet and laminate it in the machine, placing it between the two plastic sheets. Once the lamination process is finished, it should be cut along the edges of the sheet, following its natural shape and leaving a plastic margin so that the sheets do not come off. 

When the cutting process is complete, all that remains is to add the clamp with hot-melt glue or silicone. The options in terms of designs are varied and will depend on taste. Combinations can even be made, as long as their thickness stays thin.

Another alternative of crafts that can be created with this technique, are page markers, to identify the page of the book that is being read. The technique is the same as the previous one: you must select the leaves and flowers or even both and place them strategically on the sheets. Next, it is laminated and then cut into a rectangular shape or, for more originality, the shape of the sheet is preserved and then a piece of tape is taken and adhered to both ends of the newly laminated sheet, with the help of glue or silicone. cold or hot. 

Each of these crafts are made through simple techniques, with quick processes and a high degree of decorative utility for the home, as accessories for girls or for reading books. The options can be many more, it is only necessary to put a little creativity.

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