Crucial MX500 Reviews

Main advantage:

This SSD hard drive, in addition to offering a large capacity, also has a format compatible with most computers so you can install it in yours without problems.

Main disadvantage:

It may be a bit difficult to set up at first, as the basic software is not very intuitive, so you may need to search the internet for more instructions.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a reliable SSD hard drive, with good manufacturing finishes and enough capacity to store both the operating system and your personal files in case you want to use it as a main unit.

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Main Features Explained

Design and connectivity

Today the best SSD hard drives may be the components that are most sought after when upgrading a computer, whether it is a desktop or laptop. If you are interested in this type of drive, we advise you to evaluate the design and connectivity as the first important feature.

The Crucial-branded MX500 could be a good buy, as it has a robust yet attractive design thanks to its aluminum case, which is shock and scratch resistant to protect the drive’s contents, as well as its integrity.

It has dimensions of 10.3 x 0.7 x 7 centimeters and a weight of approximately 100 grams, so you can easily install it on your tower or on your laptop and even on Apple computers, as commented by some users.

Likewise, this is possible because the Crucial disk is a 2.5” SATA format, one of the most used in home computers so that you avoid compatibility problems when installing it. In addition to this, the drive employs monitoring and reporting technology, as well as ECC error correcting code so you can have access to recovery and drive management tools at all times.

Storage capacity

Another of the important and influential characteristics in the price of SSD hard drives is their storage capacity, which is why it must be evaluated in consideration of the type of use that is going to be given to the disk, whether it is an extra unit to increase capacity or to become the main.

In this aspect, the Crucial MX500 model could be used to satisfy both needs, since it has a capacity of 1 TB in this case, that is, 1,000 GB, enough for home use and also the basic one for a professional.

In this SSD hard drive you can easily install the complete operating system of your computer regardless of whether it is Windows or Mac OS, two of the most used in the world, so you can enjoy a much more agile boot, as well as better performance of the applications installed on it.

However, depending on the manufacturer’s disposition at the time of your purchase, you could purchase this same hard drive in its 250 GB, 500 GB or 2 TB versions so that you get the one that best suits your needs, depending on how you go. to use this new storage unit for your computer.

Writing, reading and security

Finally, the opinions of some buyers consider that the working capacity of the disk in terms of writing and reading is also of vital importance in order to make the most of the money that is going to be invested. In addition to this, it is important to evaluate the security systems of the unit in case it offers them to protect your data from cyber attacks.

With the Crucial brand model you can enjoy quite agile performance when you start your computer, as well as run the applications that you have decided to install on the unit.

Since it is an SSD type, this hard drive can reach a writing speed of 560 MB per second and a reading speed of 510 MB per second regardless of the file type. This is possible thanks to the presence of Micron 3D NAND acceleration technology, with which the device can offer smooth performance on all types of computers that have the appropriate amount of RAM, as well as a good processor.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the device has an integrated security system based on 256-bit AES hardware, which is capable of encoding the content of the disk so that it cannot be obtained illegally.

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