Devolo dLAN 550+ Reviews

Main advantage:

If you want to enjoy a stable and lossless connection, this equipment connects with the same electrical network as the router to receive the signal more effectively and transmit it.

Main disadvantage:

Among the repeaters currently available on the market, this model may not offer the greatest wireless signal range with its Wi-Fi function, but its stability and capacity make up for it.

Verdict: 9.6/10

The Devolo brand offers you a repeater device with which you will see the range of your internet signal increased, so that you can use it in all the rooms of your home.

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Main Features Explained


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Before choosing a Wifi repeater option based solely on its price, you may have to consider other features that are very influential in the performance and type of service they offer. So you can purchase a model that suits your specific needs.

The Devolo brand model, in this case, could be the best Wi-Fi repeater for some, since it is a model that works in conjunction with the electrical system of your home, being considered a more stable alternative than the repeaters that receive the router signal wirelessly.

It has dimensions of just 6.5 x 3.8 x 13.5 centimeters, being slightly larger than an outlet with two European standard ports and weighing just 200 grams. It is available in white with silver details and has good manufacturing finishes that make it robust and comfortable to use.

Its structure, on the other hand, also leads us to mention one of its most practical aspects, which is that this Wi-Fi repeater has an integrated power outlet, which is very useful, since it must remain connected to the electrical system of the home or office.. However, with the integrated unit you can continue to use the plug as normal without having to sacrifice one of its sockets.

transmission capacity

The transmission capacity can be another of the most important characteristics that you should study before deciding which is the best Wifi repeater for you. In addition, the opinions of some users agree that this detail must be evaluated based on the space where you plan to install the equipment so that you can enjoy a good signal transmission quality.

If you have been interested in the Devolo model, you will be pleased to know that this device, thanks to the fact that it uses the electrical network as the main transmission system, can offer a download and browsing speed of up to 500 Mbits per second. Of course, making use of its integrated Ethernet cable outlet, which you can find just below the repeater to facilitate its installation and wiring management.

In case you plan to connect wirelessly from the repeater, you can also do that, since the equipment can transmit a signal that reaches peak speeds of 300 Mbits per second, more than enough for basic home or office use. Thanks to these speed levels, you will be able to enjoy a stable connection, fast downloads and low levels of latency when playing games online, for example.

In addition to this, the fact that the electrical network is used will prevent obstacles such as walls or doors from negatively affecting the performance or strength of the wireless signal.

Installation and configuration

Finally, it is considered that the installation and configuration of the Wifi repeater should also be evaluated in advance before deciding which model to buy. As you know, there are different types of repeaters and some have specific needs, which you should know beforehand to avoid inconveniences when installing it at home or at work.

Taking into consideration what is indicated and knowing that the Devolo repeater is a model that uses the electrical network to connect to the main router system, you should know that you will have to install it in an outlet that is within the same electrical network. However, since the equipment also emits a Wi-Fi signal, it is likely that you should only place it near your router and you will not have problems.

Now, when you connect the repeater, it will start emitting the wireless signal that you must link to using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Access the default port and enter the default username and password that you will find in the instruction manual or, if you prefer, you can download the Devolo Cockpit application to simplify the process.

This will allow you to access the repeater configuration so that you can choose the parameters and connection requirements for any new user, protecting your network from strangers.

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