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Whether you are self-employed or have a company, managing the necessary supplies for your activity is complex. Amazon Companies, called Amazon Business, has arrived for these user profiles. A different way to buy on Amazon with many advantages for professionals.

All companies need different inputs to carry out their activity. Something that is linked to a series of purchasing processes, which require analyzing the market, searching for those products necessary according to the company’s activity and evaluating their prices, in order to keep costs under control. In order to optimize costs and be more efficient, it is common for companies to search for what they need online.

In this context, more and more companies and freelancers are turning to Amazon as one of their suppliers. Its wide range of products generates a certain attraction on Amazon to make purchases of all kinds. However, the problem that these users have is that they cannot always benefit from the advantages offered by the Amazon Prime fee to a conventional user, due to the specific needs of their business. There are also problems with invoices and purchase control , which in a normal account does not cover everything necessary for a company.

Fortunately, Amazon has taken into account the needs of this type of user and has created a service designed for them. We are talking about Amazon Business, a type of Amazon account designed to meet the specific needs of freelancers and companies. A proposal that includes tools to make provisioning for your activity as well as all of its management and billing easier, among other advantages. Something ideal to manage your Amazon account and your purchases more comfortably.

What is Amazon Business Prime

Amazon Business Prime, better known as Amazon Business, is a special type of account for business users, regardless of their size. The idea is to offer a special environment to this type of user, where it is easier to find the products they are looking for, make their purchases and manage all the documentation derived from them in a simple way . Something that implies greater comfort when requesting an Amazon invoice, finding specific products and resolving incidents.

By the way, the differences between a conventional Prime account and a Prime Business account also have to do with the other platforms included. Compared to what an account includes for a normal user, Business accounts do not have access to Amazon Prime Video or Amazon Music. Something logical, on the other hand.

The shopping catalog

The first advantage that Amazon Business has is its catalog. It contains more than 250 million products and references, which make it easier to choose what you need and compare between different providers. Something that will help you reduce costs without spending more time than necessary on your purchases. Prices without VAT appear in these searches, which also helps.

Another advantage of these accounts is being able to choose specific providers. Once the selection process has been carried out, you can determine the specific suppliers you want, which reduces the possibility of errors when the main person in charge is not the one who is in charge of the purchases. Something similar happens with the option of excluded products and categories, with which the purchasing manager can prevent the purchase of what should not be purchased for the company. 

The Billing

One of the main doubts of many users is knowing how to request an invoice on Amazon. Something not always necessary for a particular user, but that is key for a freelancer or company, which requires that Amazon invoice to manage their accounting and keep their expenses under control.

This is another of the advantages of Amazon Business: ending having to ask for the Amazon invoice for those purchases. Under this profile, that invoice from Amazon, or from the corresponding seller, will arrive directly to your email. In addition, these invoices are identified to your liking , so that the different Amazon invoices are assigned to those departments or people who have made the purchases, according to the options that you or your company’s purchasing department have established.

Payment methods in Amazon Business

Amazon is a platform known for the versatility it offers in its payments. It is possible to make them with a card, with a charge to a current account, etc. Something essential for any company.

Among the options that include Amazon Business Spain there is one more to highlight. We are talking about the 30-day payment, for which you can defer the payment of your purchases during this time. A payment that is made by transfer at no cost, being only subject to the prior credit verification of your company.

shipping system

As a last outstanding advantage, it is necessary to talk about shipments. Just like with a regular Amazon Prime account, Amazon Business accounts give you free shipping on all your purchases. A great help to take advantage of the prices that the platform has.

By the way, you also have Prime shipments, with delivery in 24 hours, which is reduced to 2 hours in Madrid and Barcelona for products from the Amazon Now program. In these cases, Amazon shipping costs remain free.

How much does Amazon Business cost?

The cost of Amazon Prime Business is variable, depending on the profile that your company needs. The most basic account is the one that offers us free shipping, as we have mentioned before and a single user. This would be the most suitable Amazon Business option for freelancers and small businesses. The price of Amazon Prime Business Duo, the modality we are discussing, would be 25 euros plus VAT per year.

From here different options arise, increasing the number of users of the account. As an example, the Basic account includes 3 users for 36 in its Basic version, 10 users at a cost of 100 euros per year in its Small version, 100 users in the Medium version at 250 euros per year and 2,000 euros per year to have all the users you need. As always, all prices are without VAT.

How to sign up

To sign up for this type of account, all you have to do is register with Amazon with a new account, providing the NIF or the CIF of the company. It is also necessary to use a business email with your company’s domain. Otherwise, the process is similar to that of registering a normal account. Once the registration is executed, Amazon will process it, approving the account or requesting more information. Under normal conditions, this process takes no more than five minutes.

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