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In recent times, online casinos in Spain have changed a lot. Due to legal changes in the sector, these rooms now offer a more pleasant environment where you can hang out with all kinds of games.

The world of online gambling in Spain has undergone intense changes in recent times. From being somewhat illegal, it has become firmly regulated, which has benefited those who visit these rooms. The new regulations have been useful to give players more security and also to clearly establish what can be played in a Spanish online casino. If you are not sure what those options are, we present the most common games in these rooms, with which to try your luck and have a good time.

bar slots

It is no longer necessary to go down to the street and visit a bar to play the usual slot machines. Thanks to the new online casinos, it is possible to access them directly through the network, in a wide and interesting offer. In it, we find the usual classics, such as La Granja, La Perla del Caribe or El Tesoro de Java, among many others. 

All this with the additional advantage that you can play at different levels of risk, which are not always available in the machines found in bars and cafes, so if you want to go at a more intense pace, you also have the option of do it. In addition, you won’t have to get your hands dirty handling coins, ask for change, or leave the house when trying your luck.

Slots and VideoSlots

The slots are the queens of any casino and the new rooms on the net know it. Therefore, this is the part where we have the most variety to choose from, with hundreds of different machines to play. The good news is that, with few exceptions, practically all current providers can operate in the Spanish market, so if you want machines from Playtech, Blueprint, Play ‘n’ Go or any other well-known operator, you will have no problem finding them. The only limitation is the one that refers to slots related to famous people, which are no longer available in these rooms for legal reasons.

Another advantage of this wide range of slots is that you will also have access to different types of machines, such as progressive ones or those that include jackpots. Prizes that, although they are difficult to obtain, are an extra when it comes to trying your luck on these machines. However, if you prefer to play at a slower pace, you can do that too, as the minimum bet on these slots usually starts from just a few cents. And all this without forgetting the possibility of playing for free, with virtual money, which is highly recommended when you want to get to know a new machine and learn how it works. 


Talking about casino without mentioning roulette is like talking about the beach without wearing a swimsuit. This traditional game is also present in online casinos in Spain, so betting on your favorite numbers will not be difficult for you either. This game comes in two versions. One is that of classic roulette, where we find both versions with an American table and those of French roulette, easy to recognize because they have a double zero or a single zero, as happens in the last one that we have mentioned.

However, the main novelty is in live roulette. This adds a flesh and blood dealer to the game, bringing a new level of realism. As if this were not enough, many versions of this live roulette include the so-called thunder, with which some numbers are randomly selected in each play, which will receive a special prize if the ball chooses them. All these versions have different bet levels, so playing at your own pace is not complicated at all.

Black Jack

Blackjack is another of the games that are not lacking in any casino and that are also present in the different online casinos that we can access in Spain. With this game something similar happens to what we have mentioned, since we have both the more traditional versions and those that include a real dealer, for greater fun. 

We also have the same facility to adjust the game to our level, having tables with different bet levels, very easy to choose. All this without forgetting the possibility of playing with the virtual money that we have mentioned before, which will be very useful to practice your game and get to know it in depth before betting with real money.

Other games

In addition to everything we have mentioned, which are usually the most common games in online casinos in Spain, there are also other less frequent games, which are available in some rooms. Among them, we have the wheel of fortune, which is another of the most traditional games and very simple to play. Just choose a color, wait for the wheel to spin and cross your fingers for luck.

There are also rooms where you will find Punto y Banca tables, a variety of the well-known seven and a half that we usually play in Spain, although in this case the objective is to score nine points. Its presence is not very common, so if you want to play it, you will have to look for a room that includes it in its offer.

Finally, we have other types of games, which are legally called complementary games. This kind of mixed bag includes all kinds of games, including some like those related to Monopoly or those developed by the operators themselves, like Crazy Time. In these games it is convenient to know the rules well before trying your luck because, given their characteristics, they do not follow conventional patterns, as happens with the other games that we have mentioned.

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