Epson Expression Photo XP-8500 Reviews

Main advantage:

This Epson device has adequate compatibility and connectivity, so its use is diversified by being able to be used with WiFi and through links to mobile devices. This makes the photo printer useful and functional.

Main disadvantage:

Unlike other models, this Epson printer is larger and less portable. Its size still allows it to be portable, but using a power cord requires a wall plug.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Considered one of the best photo printers on the market, this Epson model has adequate operation that provides high-quality and durable images with its inks.

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Main Features Explained

Photographs and cartridges

If photographic printers stand out for something, it is because they have a high degree of quality when taking the captured images to physical format. This is the essential difference between conventional and photo printers. Hence, the main manufacturers strive to create suitable and practical models that allow the user to be satisfied with the quality of the product. This is the case with Epson’s Expression Photo XP-8500 model, which has been equipped with high-end print quality.

In this sense, the opinions of the users agree that this alternative is one of the most effective for providing professional photographs. Although it is true that the images are not taken using this equipment and that an adequate resolution is needed, it is also true that not all printers have the possibility of providing lasting photographs on paper.

On the other hand, this Epson model incorporates Claria Photo HD Ink inks with which a series of options are opened to the user in order to create, without leaving the comfort of home, physical content with high quality in sharp photographs that will last for years, as if they had just been printed.

In fact, according to the manufacturer’s estimates, photos printed with the Expression Photo XP-8500 can last up to 300 years in an album, without their quality being affected. These print quality advantages are part of the technological advances that Epson has built into its model to compete in the market and outperform its competitors.

Among the advantages that have been included, with this printer you can access the Amazon Dash Replenishment service, with ReadyInk, an intelligent printing technology that is capable of detecting when the printer cartridges are running out. When registering for the service, a new cartridge will be received to replace the one that is installed.

Features and connectivity

All photo printer brands are in a race to achieve the best technological innovations that they can incorporate into their equipment, to provide the user with a better experience. This leads them to be in a constant investigation and analysis of the preferences of the buyers to satisfy their needs through versatile functions. This is the case of the Epson Expression Photo XP-8500, a printer with a simple appearance, but optimized operation that, in addition to providing physical photographs with a high degree of quality, has an intuitive and practical operation, which allows you to easily enjoy your options and make the most of the general settings.

Due to its affordable and competitive price, there are those who may think that this model lacks functions or that it is very basic. However, this Epson photo printer is a device that has been designed for photography lovers because it has various options to improve performance.

For example, it has an automatic power-on system: when you send the print material, the printer turns on and the output tray opens, a function that is convenient when you are not near the device.

In addition, its printing is not limited to paper alone, since this equipment is capable of recording images on CD, DVD and double-sided A4 paper. As if that weren’t enough, Epson’s Expression Photo XP-8500 model is easy to use and includes a dual paper tray. In this way, one of the trays can be loaded with plain paper and the other with photo paper.

Also, by downloading the Epson iPrint app, you can both print and scan remotely from your WiFi-enabled mobile. Using this equipment also opens up the ability to print files that have been emailed to the printing equipment from anywhere.

physical properties

Physical properties and design are among the most important features when making a wise and timely choice of photo printer. In the case of the Expression Photo XP-8500, it has a modern and striking design, practical to place in any room of the home, without seeming incongruous.

Considered by many users as the best photo printer on the market, this Epson model has a small, compact and lightweight design. These properties make it a portable printing machine, as it can be carried anywhere as needed. Its weight is relatively light, since it does not exceed 7 kilos, while its size could be defined as small, with dimensions of 34.1 x 14.1 x 39 cm. However, it is not completely portable because you need to plug the power cord into a power outlet.

This compact technology all-in-one is stylish and available in black, so it blends in with the décor of your home. Being small, with modern and stylized lines, its use is not limited to an office or study, because its style becomes part of the environment, with a sophisticated touch. Similarly, during operation, this printer does not make any annoying noises, only a sound that does not exceed 35 decibels.

On the other hand, this Epson model completes its design with a 6.8 cm screen, with tactile properties and LCD technology. By using this screen, the interface and walk through the printer options are facilitated, since it is possible to both print from a memory card and copy images, among other options.

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