Erotic photography and its masters

The naked body has been a source of inspiration for painters, sculptors and other artists throughout history. Formerly, the images alluded to goddesses, nymphs and mythological creatures. Currently, there are many master erotic photographers, who manage to capture the essence of human sexuality.

The erotic photo must be distinguished from nude photography. In the second case, the goal is not necessarily to arouse sexual desire, but just to show off. For this reason, one of the challenges of the erotic image is to achieve a balance between revealing and hiding , achieving provocative photos, but at the same time avoiding falling into pornography, since the main objective of the photographer is to obtain a sensual photograph.

Helmut Newton

As a Jewish artist born in Berlin in the 1920s, Helmut Newton witnessed history’s most gruesome crimes during World War II. However, this photographer’s art focused on glamor and style. His first camera was obtained when he was just 12 years old, but it was in the late 1960s that he made some of the most famous erotic images of his day. It is important to mention that some were included in world-renowned magazines, such as Vogue and Playboy, for which he quickly became known as a pioneer of provocative aesthetics .

Sam Haskins

Of African origins, San Haskins was a photographer known worldwide for his 4 books on photography with nude models. This work made him a key figure in the sexual revolution of the 1960s. As far as his style is concerned, Haskins’ photographs are distinguished mainly by the use of black and white images with a single point of exposure.

Joyce Tennessee

Among the most prominent erotic artists is Joyce Tenneson, who is a highly respected American photographer born in 1945. Her style is notable for its soft images and the use of the sfumato or sfumato technique, a mainly pictorial method in which various forms are used. layers to give the composition more realism as well as an older look. Critics have considered her a portrayer of human character , since her sensual and mystical images reflect the external human essence, which according to the same photographer, is immensely connected with the inner reality of the person. Among the many celebrities that Tenneson has portrayed we can mention Jodie Foster and Demi Moore.

Szymon Brodziak

Born in 1979, Szymon Brodziak has become a powerful visual storyteller, capable of creating photographic compositions that are realistic and magical at the same time. He discovered his passion for photography when he was just an economics student and his interest has been based primarily on beauty standards in fashion and nude photography. His erotic works with digital cameras (check some options to buy in this link) stand out for the masterful choice of settings and the use of torrid nudity , as well as the use of black and white.

Robert Mapplethorpe

He was an American photographer born in 1946, who was very important for the incorporation of male bodies into erotic photography, creating great controversy with his work in the 1970s. This is mainly because most photographs of At the time were based exclusively on the female body, while Mapplethorpe had no censorship to show male genitalia in many of his most famous photographs, as well as some sadomasochistic fetishes, which caused outrage among critics. He passed away in 1989, but in addition to his work in erotic photography, Robert Mapplethorpe is famous for taking the picture of Patti Smith in Horses, one of the American singer’s most popular albums.

Annie Leibovitz

She is considered by many to be a living legend of photography. She photographed different celebrities for more than 10 years for Rolling Stone magazine and shortly after for Vanity Fair, for which her cover photos are known worldwide. She too, she worked as a touring photographer with the Rolling Stones themselves, so her works were not only made inside the studios. Among the most famous erotic photographs of this artist is that of a pregnant Demi Moore, who she posed for Vanity Fair completely naked, covering her breasts with her right hand. There is also the famous portrait of John Lenon and Yoko Ono made a few hours before his death, in which the singer-songwriter comes out completely naked and in a fetal position with his wife.

Ruth Bernhard

She was a photographer born in Germany in 1905, who moved to New York at the age of 22, where she exploited her photography skills by being inspired by the work of the famous American photographer Edward Weston. Bernhard was best known for her photographs of nude women expressing innocence, similar to the sculptures of ancient Greece.

Pavel Brunclik

Born in 1950, he is a Czech artist who initially studied mathematics and physics, but later found his true passion in film and screenwriting. His work as a photographer began in 1980 and is mainly focused on the natural perfection of the body , emphasizing muscular grace and regular forms.

Jan Saudeck

This is another photographer from the Czech Republic, who was born in 1935 and throughout his career has held exhibitions on almost every continent around the world. The artistic erotic photos of him are distinguished by their high sexual charge and by being tinted in different colors to give them the look of surreal dreams.

Jeanloup Sieff

He was a French photographer born in 1933 who was always connected with youth and human physical beauty. His work stands out for emphasizing round shapes, where the female butt is one of the main themes. When it comes to style, he stands out for his use of black and white and wide-angle lenses.

In conclusion, erotic photography has had great photographers over the years and even today there are masters who are dedicated to capturing the sensuality and mystery of the naked human body.

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