Free DTT and satellite TV: is it possible in Spain?

Unfortunately, in Spain there is still no company that offers a platform to be able to enjoy the open signal of both national and international television channels, while in other countries this is old news, since its inhabitants can acquire this type of services and not worry about having to pay a monthly payment. In this space, we will see the cases of other regions, as well as what is necessary to enjoy this in our country.

Before addressing the unknown, it is first necessary to know what DTT and Satellite Television are, as well as their differences, in order to understand why users expect to be able to enjoy both services together in their homes.

DTT signal 

DTT stands for Digital Terrestrial Television and is a technology used by different telecommunications companies to send their signal to the satellites that orbit the Earth. These, in turn, retransmit the signal to receiving antennas located on Earth and are then broadcast using transmitting equipment.

This radiofrequency signal is then captured by DTT antennas in consumers’ homes, either external or integrated into the television itself. However, you should know that it is advisable to have a digital reproduction model instead of an analog one in order to better appreciate the image. On the other hand, DTT has a disadvantage and that is that its signal, working through magnetic radio waves, can be interfered with more easily than the signal emitted with other methods.

Satellite television

Satellite television is a newer method than DTT, although it uses some basic steps, such as transmitting the signal from Earth to an orbiting satellite. In order to enjoy the content offered within the satellite television packages, you must have a satellite dish connected to a decoder satellite receiver capable of transforming the received signal into image and audio for your television.

The difference between satellite television and DTT is that, to enjoy the second, you will have to acquire a decoder, either from a private television subscription company or a free-manufactured one that transmits open signals of satellite origin. However, the advantage it offers you is that you have a much greater variety of options to entertain yourself in front of your television, as well as enjoy international channels if you have the best satellite receiver of the moment installed on the roof of your home.

Both television transmission services can be contracted in Spain, but there is currently no telecommunications company that offers the consumption of both together. However, as mentioned, unlike Spain, there are alternatives in other European countries.

Freesat in the UK

Freesat is a service provided by the BBC in conjunction with ITV plc so that users of its receivers can enjoy completely free satellite television channels, as well as those broadcast by digital terrestrial television.

In addition, its users have the advantage of being able to watch a total of 17 channels in high definition, which are: NHK, DayStar, BBC, Channel 5, ITV, Bloomberg, Discovery Networks, TRT World, RT UK, Arirang TV and France 24..

Within the channel grid that Freesat offers, you can see a variety to satisfy the tastes and preferences of users of different ages and, best of all, without having to worry about paying a monthly fee, just buy your receiver, install it in home and voila, you’ll expand your entertainment options with ease. This service has been available for domestic consumption since 2008.

TNTSAT in France

TNTSAT is a non-subscription satellite television and radio transmission platform service that has been operating in France since 2007. The company is owned by Canal + Group, an audiovisual company of French origin. Currently, TNTSAT has more than two million satellite receivers in operation in various homes in France and, in addition to working together with channels in DTT format, it also has a wide range of DTT channels in high definition to the delight of its users..

The list includes C-News, C-Star, LCI, France Info, TFI, Canal +, France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5 C8, W9, TMC, NPJ, LCP, BFM TV, RMC, TFX, Gulli, 6ter, among others.

In addition to this, the service also includes streaming radio stations so you won’t miss your favorite radio show at any time. The stations are varied and you can listen to music, news, sports, entertainment, etc.

Requirements to enjoy free satellite television and DTT in open signal

In order to contract services such as those offered by TNTSAT or Freesat, the interested user must first acquire a satellite dish with a dish wide enough to adequately capture the signal from the satellite with which the platform works, as well as a suitable satellite receiver for it.

In addition to this, you must also have a smart card that decodes some channels that can work with another format, but you must bear in mind that it is not 100% guaranteed and it is probable that some simply cannot be transmitted for free and in the quality that is expected.

Likewise, the card must work in combination with a decoder that has an integrated system that is capable enough to identify the type of signal and encode it properly so that you can watch all the channels from the comfort of your home without having to worry about paying in order to month a subscription service bill for a satellite television or DTT package.

Noting how for more than a decade these neighboring countries have already had television platform services that can work combining both satellite channels and DTT channels, it is curious to think why this has not yet been implemented in Spain.

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