Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Reviews

Main advantage:

This instant camera is available in 5 completely different shades, therefore, you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite. It also offers you the possibility of capturing images using 5 exposure modes.

Main disadvantage:

With this model you will not be able to store the pictures taken. What could be a drawback compared to similar models that do offer this quality.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Being able to capture your favorite moments through instant photographs will be possible with the use of this camera, since it offers you a great variety of special details.

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Main Features Explained


There are many instant cameras on the market, each one with really interesting details that make its use as comfortable and practical as possible to take the best photographic shots. That is why at the time of choosing it is important that you can even look at the design that a specific model can provide you.

That being the case, let us tell you that Instax Mini 9 stands out among many for having an elegant and compact design at the same time, so its use is suitable at parties, events, as well as any type of activity you decide to attend. It is also available in 5 different colors, these being cobalt blue, ice blue, smoky white, flamingo pink and lime green. In this way, although the vintage touch remains in the camera, the truth is that these new colors make it much more youthful.

For its part, it includes a very practical flash in its front structure, as well as the shutter button. Likewise, at the top you can find the slot through which each printed photograph comes out, and right at the back you can locate the special cover to reload the photographic sheets.

Best of all, this model is equipped with large buttons that make its use as comfortable and easy as possible. In addition, the dimensions of the camera are 17.2 x 8 x 14.1 centimeters, while its weight of 308 grams will allow you to carry it from one place to another easily and without inconvenience.


The Instax Mini 9 can be considered the best instant camera on the market thanks to every single feature it has to offer. In this sense, we are not only referring to its great design but also to every detail based on the photographs that it will allow you to take to enjoy its functionality every day.

In this way, it is important to mention first that the photographs have dimensions of 86 x 54 millimeters, considering the fact that the printed area is only 62 x 46 millimeters, therefore, their design is based on the mythical Polaroid by having white borders after printing.

On the other hand, regarding the printing of the photographs, it should be noted that the light is projected directly onto the photographic paper, passing through the shutter, which provides you with quality in terms of every detail of the same. In this sense, according to the opinions of some users, its operation is as modern as that of any current camera, however, it generates a retro effect in each photograph, which ends up being a great delight for those who enjoy this style.

Now, if we talk about capturing images, it is important that you know that you will have at your disposal 5 totally different exposure modes that will adapt to the different environments in which you may find yourself during a photo session. Thus, these modes are cloudy, cloudy sunny, interior, bright sunny and Hi-Key.

Other details

In addition to looking at the price at which the camera that most attracts your attention is available, you should also take into account each additional detail that it has to determine its practicality at the time of each use.

In this sense, we must mention that the Fujifilm brand offers you the Instax Mini 9 model with a shutter speed of 1/60 seconds, while its viewfinder is 0.37X. Likewise, it has an automatic film system for greater comfort.

For its part, we are talking about a camera capable of providing you with a special automatic flash that can cover a distance of 60 millimeters and up to infinity. Likewise, we cannot fail to mention that this model integrates a close-up lens into its structure that retains the 60-millimeter fixed lens with a large aperture of f/12.7. In other words, you will be able to use an ideal camera for portraits and full shots.

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