Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Reviews

Main advantage:

This Fujifilm photo camera has been equipped with a powerful flash that improves image quality in low-light scenarios by automatically optimizing lighting based on distance from the camera.

Main disadvantage:

Although its operation and price are exceptional, the same does not happen with reels, since these tend to have a high cost and, if you want to print from the camera, they are necessary.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is an analog and instant camera. Although it does not have a screen, you can print the photos directly and it has an easy grip design that provides high resolution and detailed images, making it one of the best in its class.

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Main Features Explained

type and style

The so-called instant photo cameras are the new trend. Although they are not an innovation in the market, their relaunch has been, as it has captured the interest of a large number of buyers, who want to have a vintage-style object in their hands, but with the benefits offered by the latest technologies. generation.

The Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 model falls into this category, the largest among a series of cameras that have been well received by the public, with positive opinions about its operation and features.

This camera is not the same as any other, so it does not have a standard design that resembles conventional devices. It is an instant analog camera, with a retro and vintage style.

It is available in a black with silver frame. Unlike other models, this one does not have a screen. It has a square-shaped body and the labeling of the brand and model in white on the front, as well as the flash on the right side, along with a handle that protrudes from the main body and that fits the hand to provide a better grip. grip, with stability and firmness. At the top of this same structure is the shutter button.

modes and functions

Although it does not have a conventional style, this Fujifilm proposal is one of the most sought after, because it has a high-end performance and provides images with a convenient resolution instantly, hence it is considered one of the best cameras in the world. market, at least in relation to its range.

In addition, the Instax Wide 300 is equipped with a powerful automatic flash, which improves the lighting conditions of the environment, so that the photos will have the appropriate brightness, even if they have been taken in low light scenarios. The camera is capable of optimizing the lighting, according to the distance at which the object is.

Also, with this equipment you can activate the exposure compensation function to achieve better tones in the image, by controlling the light and dark. Even with this device it is possible to use the backlight in order to give a dynamic and avant-garde appearance to the photographs, it is only necessary to use the flash button.

All of these features make this camera a profitable proposition for party, project, craft, business photography and more, providing quality with just a tap of the shutter release.

Lens and format

The Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 camera is competitively priced and affordable when compared to similar models from other brands. In addition, its operation has nothing to envy the rest, because it has a wide format for films, which is suitable for instant images of high quality and resolution, which translates into colorful prints.

Unlike conventional models, with the Wide 300 you cannot have a preview of the photo, but you can prepare the camera so that the image is optimal. This is achieved by adjusting the sensitivity, distance and flash. From this camera it is easy to view the composition prior to capture because it incorporates an advanced optical viewfinder with target detection. It also includes a retractable zoom lens that widens the shooting field, for two-mode focus: landscape and normal mode.

Among the compatible accessories, this model can include a strap to facilitate its portability, a pack of 86 x 108 mm films to print large-size photos, a zoom lens and it even has a support to add a tripod and take pictures with greater stability, in order to obtain precise images rich in visual content.

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