Home theater: what to watch on Amazon Prime Video?

If you still don’t know Amazon Prime Video Spain, you are missing out on a lot of interesting content. This Amazon service in Spanish offers you series, movies and many other programs, which you can comfortably enjoy on any device.

Within the current offer of streaming video platforms, Amazon Prime TV, called Amazon Prime Video, is one of the most interesting. On this platform you can find all kinds of exclusive productions at a very competitive price. In addition, with your subscription to this service you will not only be able to access Amazon Prime videos, but also have other very interesting additional services. If you don’t know what Amazon Prime Video includes or what content you can watch on this platform, keep reading and discover everything you’re missing.

What is Amazon Prime Video

The first thing we must take into account before starting to enjoy the content is knowing how to hire it . Currently, Amazon Prime Video is part of a complete package of services, called Amazon Prime.

Therefore, to watch Amazon Prime on TV, it is necessary to activate this service from the Amazon website itself, paying the corresponding fee. If you see any website where they promise to see Amazon Prime for free, they surely want to trick you. In fact, in some of them they even offer you Amazon Premium, a name of the service that does not even correspond to the real one. So, before these promises, it is advisable to distrust.

One of the things you’re probably wondering is how much Amazon Prime costs. Its current annual price is 36 euros, being able to view its content on up to 3 devices at the same time. You can also hire it for 3.99 per month, if you prefer. Therefore, its cost is quite competitive when compared to what Netflix costs, for example. In addition, you can unsubscribe from Amazon Prime whenever you want.

It is also possible to activate Amazon Prime on Orange, although only for customers selected for this promotion. In both cases, it is necessary to create an Amazon account or use one that you have to enjoy the service. If you have any questions, you can call the Amazon Prime telephone number: 911 23 04 13.

It is important that you know that, in addition to the Prime Video subscription, the Amazon Prime service includes other interesting advantages. One of them is to receive free everything you buy on Amazon, as long as it is subject to Prime shipping. There are also exclusive Amazon Prime offers for its members, who also have the Amazon Now service, for supermarket purchases. You’ll also get access to services like Prime Music, Kindle Prime (ebooks), or some extras on Twitch, Amazon’s streaming platform. Ideal if you want to take a break from Amazon videos.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video

Before analyzing the catalog, we want to tell you how to view its content on any device. If you have a Smart TV, simply download the Prime Video app, go to and enter the corresponding code to watch instantly. It’s the easiest way to watch Amazon Prime on TV.

You can also enjoy Amazon Prime wherever you want, just by downloading the corresponding app for your mobile. This process is the same to watch on your Smart TV Box or on your Amazon Prime Chromecast. The wide existing offer offers you an app suitable for almost any device.

You can also watch this content on your computer comfortably, since it is not essential to download Amazon Prime Video for PC. Simply enter the Amazon Prime website and log in to access the catalog and pick up your shows and series where you left off. However, if you want to download Prime Video movies on PC, you will need to download this app from the Microsoft Store.

Amazon Prime Movies

We leave aside the boring technical part to find out what the Amazon Prime catalog offers us. And let’s start by talking about the best Amazon Prime movies. Although there is much to choose from, among the productions on the platform we have titles such as “Nosotros”, by Jordan Peele, “El Amor de Sylvie”, with a romantic cut, “El Escándalo” by Jay Roach, about the complicated world of television or “Daggers in the back”, a kind of Cluedo with a lot of black humor. All this without forgetting the latest Borat movie , played by the comedian Sasha Baron Cohen or “Compulsive Swindlers”, a funny comedy with Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson.

Several Spanish titles also stand out among the recommended movies on Amazon Prime, such as those from the “Padre no hay más que uno” saga, with Santiago Segura or “Lamentable Stories”, the latest film by Javier Fesser. Other interesting titles are “El Reino” by Rodrigo Sorogoyen or “Con el viento”, debut feature by Meritxell Colell. And if you like classic Spanish cinema, you also have a lot to choose from, with titles that range from “Los dynamiteros” to “Las que tener que servil”. 

Amazon Prime series

As with movies, the list of the best Amazon Prime series is also extensive. Among them, we have the particular superheroes of “The Boys”, the adventures of “Jack Ryan”, by Tom Clancy , or “Truth Seekers” where comedy and terror are mixed in a good proportion. Nor can we forget “Utopia”, in its North American remake or “Sneaky Pete” produced by Bryan Cranston, famous for Breaking Bad. Regarding national production, we find series such as “Señoras del (H)Ampa”, with Tony Acosta and Malena Alterio, or “Pequeñas coincidences” with Marta Hazas or Javier Peña. All this without forgetting the last season of “La que se Avecina” which was another Amazon exclusive before reaching Telecinco.

As an extra, if you don’t know what to watch on Amazon Prime, you also have classic series, both national and foreign. We are talking about hits like “The Office”, “Big Bang Theory”, “Modern Family” or “Seinfeld”, to name a few examples. And within the national fiction you can see again “Aida”, “Siete Vidas”, “El Internado” or “Central Hospital”. Anyway, there is so much to discover that it is best to do it yourself.

And if you want to see more?

In addition to the catalog that we have commented on, Amazon has recently added some new features. We are talking about the new thematic channels , among which we find MGM movies, children’s content from Noggin By Nick Jr., the Mezzo channel dedicated to classical music or Out TV, focused on LGTBI content. A very interesting proposal that has the drawback of not being included in the price of Amazon Prime. In this case, the cost is variable, being 3.99 for the MGM and Noggin channels, to name a couple of examples.

However, we would also like to talk about the programs and documentaries included in Amazon, among which we highlight “The Grand Tour”, where the Top Gear presenters ended up after their dismissal at the BBC. You will also find documentaries of all kinds, as well as a wide range of children’s movies and series , including SpongeBob SquarePants, Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig, so that the little ones also have to watch.

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