How can I connect ps4 to laptop?

Linking the PS4 console to the laptop can be useful if you want to enjoy a game while away from home. Luckily for those interested, the same console and its manufacturer, Sony, make available to PS4 users a PC application that will take care of the task.

Connecting the PS4 console to a laptop is not too complicated and you can do it in a few minutes, being a practical alternative in case your TV is damaged or you want to enjoy a different gaming experience.

Likewise, you could also connect the laptop to a larger monitor, to enjoy higher resolution when running your favorite games on the PS4 console. In addition, using a laptop as a monitor for your console can also be used for game streaming or game capture.

What do you need to play PS4 on PC or laptop?

Since the procedure applies to both desktop and laptop computers, we will now tell you specifically what you need to have on hand in order to connect a PS4 to a PC:

1. PlayStation 4 console

The console you are going to use must be active and running OS 7.0.0 or higher, in order to access the remote play feature.

2. The computer

The computer you’re going to use to play the game should be running Windows 10. If it’s a Mac, you’ll need to make sure you’re running OS High Sierra, Mojave, or Catalina.

3.PS4 controller

To be able to play comfortably and have access to all the functions, you will also need the DualShock 4 controller along with its USB cable, to connect it to the computer port.

4. PS Network Account

Another requirement is to have an active PlayStation Network account and you can get this for free from the same console interface or from the PlayStation website.

5. Broadband connection

The remote use of the PS4 requires a good transmission speed, so if you are going to make the link via WiFi, it is recommended that it be at least 5 Mbps. Otherwise, you should use an Ethernet cable for the connection between the PC and the PlayStation console (by clicking this link you can find some options to buy).

Procedure to connect Play 4 to PC

Now, to connect your console to the PC, we have simplified the following steps, so that you can get a stable link in just a couple of minutes:

1. Preparing the console

Turn on your PlayStation 4 console and sign in to the account that has PS Network activated using the remote control. Next, navigate the Menu to the Settings tab and find the PS Remote Play Connection Settings section. Press the A button on the box and this will activate the broadcast function.

2. Installing PS Remote Play

Log in to the administrator account on your PC, then launch the internet browser of your choice. Enter the following link and select the operating system you are working with.

Download the PS Remote Play app, then launch it on your computer. Accept the terms of use and wait for the process to finish. When it’s done, launch the app and continue to the next step in the link.

3. Connecting the devices

To start streaming, you’ll need to connect your devices to each other, either wirelessly or wired.

In the case of preferring to use WiFi, we remind you to have a minimum transmission speed, to avoid packet loss problems. Being in the Menu of your PS4, go to Settings / Network / Configure Internet Connection. Once inside, select the wireless connection, then your home network, enter the password and save the information.

On the other hand, connecting the PS4 to the PC via cable can be one of the most effective solutions in case you encounter transmission jumps or low sharpness. Since a stable and fast internet connection is required, not meeting these requirements will directly affect the quality of the transmission.

4. Activating the link

You can start streaming in two ways: via PC or via console, but in both cases you will need to have PS Remote Play activated beforehand.

When the application is already active on the console and then run on the computer, it will automatically search for the PS4 source, so as to transmit the system interface and the game you want to enjoy on the screen.

If it’s already active on the PC, launching the app on the PS4 will broadcast the signal, so the PC can identify the console and start streaming the UI.

Procedure to connect a monitor for PS4

Connecting a PS4 to a monitor isn’t too different from connecting to a regular TV, as this can usually be done using an HDMI cable.

To do this, you’ll need to install one end of the cable into the PS4 HDMI port on your console and the other end into the corresponding port on your monitor. Then, turn on both devices and wait for the monitor to automatically recognize the signal, to start transmitting the image.

If you can’t see anything on the screen, you can use the monitor’s buttons or remote control to manually select the HDMI port and start using your PS4 normally.


Whatever the reason you need to connect your PS4 to your laptop or desktop, we advise you to consider a wired connection. Using the Ethernet port as a bridge between the two devices eliminates transmission delay.

Likewise, it is also recommended to have all the updated drivers on the PC and to run the latest version of the OS on the console. This in order to avoid compatibility problems when making connections.

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