How do I know how much RAM my motherboard supports?

Motherboards are a fundamental part of any electronic device, since the essential elements for its operation are installed on them. One of the most important is RAM memory and, in some cases, it is possible to increase its capacity if you have prior knowledge about the motherboard and the support offered.


What is RAM memory?

What is the RAM memory of a computer is a question that may have crossed the mind of any user, since it is constantly mentioned as a very important factor for the performance of the PC.

This complement owes the acronym of its name to Random Access Memory and, basically, it is in charge of receiving and processing the instructions that are given by the main processing unit.

In other words, RAM is in charge of storing the commands, so that they are executed in order and allow the computer to function properly when working with programs, playing, browsing, editing or any other activity.

RAM memory is also present in a wide variety of electronic devices, such as tablets, video game consoles, digital receivers, smart refrigerators and even the best professional digital piano, as it is in charge of processing the different effects or tones, for example. mention some devices.


What is the motherboard?

How to know the motherboard of my PC is another of the most searched questions on the internet, mainly because it is practically the soul of any computer, therefore, knowing the model of the motherboard is useful in terms of RAM information.

Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, smartwatches and countless other devices have their own built-in motherboards, which vary in size, capacity, ports, etc.

This component is in charge of interconnecting all the other elements for the operation of the equipment, meaning power source, processor, cards, among others. Besides, it is relevant, since it is where the RAM slot is also located, for the installation of the memory unit. Therefore, before installing the RAM, you should see the specifications of the PC where you want to mount it, in order to make sure that it will be able to support it and work with it.

So how do you find out how much RAM your motherboard supports?

In the following space we will indicate 2 of the most used and reliable methods to check the RAM memory section on your motherboard; including details about its type, the number of slots and the maximum capacity supported:

1. By brand and model

If you need to know how much memory your computer supports, because you want to install more RAM, one of the simplest and most direct methods is to check the manufacturer’s manual, where the data of the motherboard is indicated, along with the number of integrated slots for the installation of memory.

You can search for this information based on the brand of the motherboard to go to the manufacturer’s website and enter the model of the unit in the available search engine. This, in general, will take you to a section to download different versions of software and compatible firmware and, in addition, you will also be able to find a PDF manual corresponding to your equipment.

2. By physical verification

The physical check is given by looking directly at the motherboard and taking a look at the type of socket where the processor is installed. If you manage to identify it, you will be able to know how much RAM memory it supports by guiding you with the following data:

For Intel sockets

LGA 1151 6th to 7th: 64GB

LGA 1151 8th to 9th: 64GB

LGA 2066 7th to 10th: 128GB

LGA 2011 v3: 128GB

For AMD sockets

Ryzen AM4: 64GB

Threadripper TR4 1st to 2nd: 128GB

Threadripper TRX40 : 256GB

An important fact that you should know is that all these motherboards divide the maximum RAM memory capacity into several slots, so as not to overload any unit.

Frequent questions

1. How to know if your computer is 32 or 64 bits?

To find out if your PC is 32-bit or 64-bit, you must know how to view the properties of your PC and to do this you must navigate to Start to type Control Panel in the search engine and click on it. This will display a window with different accesses for the configuration of the computer and you will have to look for the System section.

When selected, the window will be updated and now you will be able to see the information regarding your PC such as data about the processor, the operating system, the administrator and, of course, if the central processing unit is 32-bit or 64-bit.

2. How to check RAM in Windows 10?

There are several methods to check how much RAM memory you have installed on your Windows 10 PC. One of the easiest is to access the Control Panel and then System to look at the characteristics of the PC, where a window will open that will show all the information of interest.

Another option is to take advantage of the system CMD window. To access it, click Start and type the word Run, then press Enter. This action will open a black window where you must type the command msinfo32.exe and, again, press Enter. This will display the information you are looking for about the RAM.

Finally, there is the method through the Windows Task Manager. If you prefer to use this access, press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del, to execute it. In this window you should look at the lines on the left side and, in the 2nd, you can see the RAM memory of your PC.

3. How do I know if I can upgrade my laptop’s RAM?

Operating systems don’t offer tools to find out how much RAM a laptop can support, but the internet does.

With a simple search you can find diagnostic tools for the PC, some free and others paid, which can do a quick scan of your hardware, to provide information about consumption, capacity and more details.


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