How do I know if my Wifi is stolen?

When a low quality internet signal is perceived, it is advisable to check if there are connections outside the network that may be affecting the data speed, since it is very easy to find an app to steal Wi-Fi that puts anyone’s security at risk. inside the connection.


Access to wireless connections to enjoy internet access has revolutionized the world of both desktop and mobile devices. However, the emission of wireless signals allows outsiders to detect them with their own devices and try to access them without administrator permission.

Apart from the security risk that this entails, the speed of the connection is also usually affected, which can be very annoying. For this reason, it is convenient to consider having programs installed that allow you to check the status of the connections , so that you can rectify in time if there is any external access.

How to know if Wifi is stolen?

In the following list we offer you some methods to check the connections of your home network, something that will be crucial if you have wondered how to know if your internet is being stolen:

  • for Windows

If we are looking for a program to detect intruders on my Wi-Fi network and block them, we will find that the Wnetwatcher application, also known as Wireless Network Watcher , is one of the most recommended, because it is simple and effective.

1) Go to the Wnetwatcher developer website and download the app from the link shown in the image.   

2) Once you have the program on your PC, run it with WinRar and double click on the.EXE file that is stored inside the compressed folder, to start the application that will automatically recognize your network connections.   

3) In the list you will be able to see all the devices that are currently connected to the Wi-Fi network, as well as their MAC addresses with which you can block them if you wish, if you suspect that they can steal Wi-Fi.   

  • for mac

Another option that we find when looking for programs to know who is connected to my Wifi and block it is LanScan. This alternative is a Wi-Fi app for Mac users that also offers a friendly interface and is easy to operate.

1) Download the program from the LanScan official website directly on the computer you are going to scan.   

2) Run the application and click on the Run scan button.   

3) The list will be updated and will show all the connections detected within the network.   


  • For Android and iOS

In case we want to know who is connected to my Wifi and disconnect it from a mobile device, so that it cannot steal the connection, the Fing app is available, which stands out for being compatible with both operating systems and so you do not have problems when installing it.

1) Open the virtual store of your operating system and, in the search engine, write the name of the application with which we can answer the question: how to know if Movistar Wifi is stolen?

2) Proceed to download it and when the process is finished, run it and accept the requested permissions, in addition to completing the rest of the basic personal configuration.

3) Being on the main page you will see the name of your network at the top and just below the Search for devices button which, when touched, will display the list of devices connected to the network.

How to know who is connected to my wifi without programs?

If you can’t find out someone’s IP directly and need to check connection details, but you can’t download an app either, accessing the router’s internal settings is a viable option .

Within this interface we can see who is on my Wifi, to proceed to block access to IP addresses that are not recognized as part of the devices that are normally used.

1) Launch the browser of your choice on a desktop or laptop computer that is linked to the wireless network and enter the IP address of the router in the address bar, which by default should be or

2) When the page refreshes, you should be in front of the configuration interface of your router and you will see two boxes where you will be asked to enter the username and password of the device. Click OK when you’re done.

3) Once inside the router configuration, go to the Advance Routing – System Routing Table tab and here you will find a list with all the active connections of your home network, in order to verify if there is any stranger that can steal Wifi for PC.

How to change the network name and its password?

After checking for Wifi stealing and blocking strange connections, the speed should improve. Otherwise, the best thing to do to avoid the access of a program to steal Wifi on a PC would be to change the username and password of the network.

1) Access your router configuration again through the subnet mask or default IP address and enter the administrator username and password.

2) Click on the Quick Setup button and then on Next.

3) On this new page, choose the Auto-Detect option, so that the device takes care of determining the type of connection automatically, and touch Next again.

4) Now enter a new username and password, to prevent outsiders from changing the settings.

5) On the next page you will find several boxes. To change the SSID or network name, position the cursor in the space for Wireless Network Name and enter the one of your choice.

6) In the Wireless Security section you must choose WPA-Personal/WPA2-Personal, and then write the new password in the box for wireless internet access. Finish by clicking Next and finally Finish.

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