How to change the Wi-Fi key?

Computer security is one of the most serious problems that users suffer these days. The problem is that any network can be vulnerable. That is why it is key to keep our passwords safe and know how to change the WiFi password in case of intrusions.

If you notice that your WiFi network lately is slower than it should be, takes too long to respond or behaves abnormally, it is possible that you have unwanted visitors who have sneaked into it. Fortunately, it’s easy to solve this problem, as long as you know how to change your network key and get your network back on track.

Best of all, this process is not complex, although it is true that, if it is the first time you do it, it may be a little more difficult for you to locate yourself. To make everything easier, we tell you everything you need to know when it comes to changing the WiFi password of your network, gaining in security and comfort.

What do we need

To change the WiFi password, we will need a device connected to the network that you want to modify. It doesn’t matter if it’s a desktop, laptop or even a mobile as long as that connection exists. It doesn’t matter whether the connection is wired or WiFi.

Another item we need is access to the router. To achieve this, we will use a device connected to the network, in which we will open a browser window, such as Edge or Chrome. In general, to access the router we will use the addresses or If entering the address gives us an access error, we will have to write or, respectively. 

To access the router interface, an essential step for changing the WiFi password, standardized access data is used, such as admin – admin or admin- 1234 (username and password). Anyway, we will see it in detail later. If you decided to change the router password back in the day and now you don’t remember it, you will have to reset the router using the small button on the back. You will need a small needle to do it, pressing said button with it for about 10 seconds. Once you have access, it’s time to take action.

changing the key

Once inside the router interface, it is time to know how to change the WiFi password or access key. Within the router configuration area we must look for the WiFi option and in it the password field. If the interface is in English, you should look for the WiFi Password option or some other similar option.

Once that key is located, you just have to modify it according to your preferences. For security reasons, it is important that this password mixes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Also, the longer the key, the more secure it is, by increasing the number of combinations needed to break it. All you have to do is not forget the password, of course. Verify in passing that the protection applied is of the WPA / WPA2 type, the most secure currently. Once the process is complete, just confirm the key, wait for the data to be saved and reconnect your wireless devices.

By operators

The process that we have indicated is generic and would serve, in theory, for any router and provider. But since each operator has its peculiarities, we now take a look at the procedures for changing the most popular ones.

How to change the WiFi password in Movistar: We will access the Movistar website with our customer data (DNI and password) and in it we look for “Access to configure your router”. We move down the page to the “Alphanumeric key” section and in it we enter our new password. Here we can also change the SSID or name of our network, if we need it. We can also change the WiFi password in Movistar using the classic address if you are a fiber user, accessing the router with the password indicated on the device.

How to change the WiFi password on Vodafone: Vodafone users do not have a direct interface, but rather access is via the page that we mentioned before, using Vodafone as username and password. Once logged in, we access the WiFi section and click on Change Password. We write the new key twice, apply, and the change would be made. By the way, from this section it is also possible to change the password of the Vodafone router, if you need it. It is also possible to change the WiFi key on Vodafone through the self-management app available for this purpose.

How to change the Orange WiFi password: To change the Orange WiFi password you need to use a browser, typing or livebox as the address. To access, we use admin as username and password. We will be asked for a PIN to confirm our access, which we will receive by SMS to the mobile. Once inside, just access the Quick Configuration screen, in the WiFi Key section. We change the password, apply the changes and close the window to complete the process.

How to change Yoigo’s WiFi password: As happens with almost all the operators that we have analyzed, to configure the Yoigo router we use the address to obtain that access, together with the credentials 1234 as username and password. If your router is Huawei, write user in both fields. The WiFi setting is found in the Network – Security or Set up WLAN section, depending on the model. Find the password field, modify the password and save the changes. If this seems too difficult for you, you can make the change directly from the Yoigo app, which simplifies this process.

How to change the Jazztel WiFi password : To change the password on a router of this brand, we will use the classic access through the address Use admin for the username and password fields. Depending on the model of router you have, the design and interface may change, although in general you should look for the WiFi option and Security there, or the Wireless Security option or similar. Once located, all you have to do is look for the field with the WiFi key, modify it and apply the changes.

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