How to check if WhatsApp is not working?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications today and has millions of users around the world. However, and although it is a large and established company that offers a reliable service, the application is not without bugs and even offers tools to check them.


WhatsApp and its benefits

WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging application that was launched in 2009 for iOS and in 2012 for Android devices, gaining millions of users in just a few years and quickly positioning itself as the leading messaging app on both OS.

It is characterized by allowing the exchange of practically any type of multimedia content through smartphones that have the application installed and have the other user’s telephone number.

Today it has more than 2,000 million users worldwide and is in the highest position in terms of downloads of instant messaging applications. 

However, messages such as “Whatsapp is down” or “Whatsapp is down” have been trending on various web pages more than once, since the collapse or maintenance of the service often puts its users in complicated situations.


Steps to check WhatsApp status

As we have indicated previously, there are several methods with which you can check if there are problems with WhatsApp at a certain moment, either due to failures in the message service or in the device where you have it installed.

Consequently, we have compiled the actions that you can carry out on your smartphone or computer if you need to check the status of its operation.


  • on Android

To check the status of the WhatsApp service from your smartphone, be it a Xiaomi, Sony, Samsung, LG mobile or another device that works with Android OS , you must access directly from the same application.

Once inside, press on the 3 points that are in the upper right corner of the screen to display a series of options. In this list you must choose Information and Help, which will take you to a section with more options and, among them, the one we are looking for: Service status.

When you select Service status, the WhatsApp application itself will be in charge of making a direct check with connection to the servers and will tell you if everything is working normally or not.

  • on iOS

A WhatsApp crash can be quite annoying for many people, especially considering that it is one of the most used means of communication, as well as Apple smartphones.

To check the status of WhatsApp on iOS , the steps are similar: launch your WhatsApp app normally and in the bottom right corner you will find the Settings icon. Pressing it will take you into the application setup details and selecting Help will give you access to a series of options that will allow you to check if the program and service are working properly.

  • In the web

Checking the status of the WhatsApp service through web tools is one of the most effective methods, since you can check your results on a non-conventional device for handling.

Mainly, we advise you to access pages like Downdetector or It is down, from where you can check the operation of various services, including the instant messaging services where WhatsApp works.

Methods to fix it

If you have found that the service is active, but WhatsApp still does not work , the problem is probably in the device from which you are trying to use it.

  1. Close the application

Sometimes, just closing and reopening the application resolves any WhatsApp error that prevents it from running properly. 

However, closing the application is not the same as minimizing, so you must completely cancel its execution from the application management of your device. Then, run it again and check if the issue is resolved.


  1. Reinstall WhatsApp

If no matter how many times you restart the application, it still throws an error or malfunctions, we advise you to try installing it from scratch. To do this, you will need to go to the app icon and hold it down. After a few seconds, the option to uninstall will appear.

When you finish the process, access the online store of your OS again to download WhatsApp again in its latest updated version.

  1. Reboot your device

Another simple and quite effective method to solve problems with applications on mobile devices, including WhatsApp, is to simply restart the phone by turning it off completely. This action closes all applications and launches on the device, allowing it to boot without any background processes.

  1. Check the status of the copy

If you are one of those people who does not delete your WhatsApp conversations and you have many open windows with stored information, the operation of the application may be affected when making backup copies. 

This function is activated by default in the application, so if you notice a decline in its performance or fluidity, we advise you to take a look to check if the execution of this process is active.

  1. website

In the event that it is the mobile application that is malfunctioning, you can also check the status of the service by taking advantage of the access offered by WhatsApp Web , since it allows you to synchronize your account with a web emulator to review and carry out conversations directly from the computer and without having to download anything.


Although the crash of WhatsApp is a problem that can cause various inconveniences and annoyances, these episodes do not usually last long, since the people in charge rush to solve it to guarantee the correct functioning of the service.

However, keep in mind that there are also alternatives of applications that work in instant messaging to get you out of trouble and even the classic text messages or calls can easily get around any inconvenience that hinders your communication

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