How to clean the TV screen?

The television is one of the most used devices in the home, so it is normal for the screen to accumulate dirt. However, it is a very delicate structure, for this reason, it is necessary to know how to clean the TV screen without damaging the device.

Technological advances in flat screen design have allowed today’s televisions to be as thin as an art picture. However, this has also made today’s televisions much more delicate devices than the old cathode ray tube models, so we must be very careful when cleaning. 

The main difference is that tube TVs had regular glass screens, so the cleaning process was the same as removing dust and other dirt from windows and other glass surfaces. On the contrary, a flat screen television today is generally made of liquid crystal, that is, a material that combines the properties of liquids with the properties of solid glass.

In liquid crystal, the molecules can move like those of water, but in this case they do not do so freely, but have an orientation, they are ordered in space, creating patterns like the molecules of common glass. In this sense, it is a state of aggregation of matter that is very fragile, therefore, great care must be taken when cleaning the LED TV.

The best way to clean the TV screen

It doesn’t matter if you have a small TV, a 50-inch TV (you can find purchase options at this link) or an even bigger one, all these devices attract small dust particles. In addition, they easily get stained if we put our fingers on their screens, which is a common problem when there are children at home. For this reason, we present some cleaning tricks for the TV screen.

A clean home for a cleaner screen

Before telling you how to clean a plasma screen or any other modern television, we must mention the importance of general household cleaning as a prevention method. In this sense, it is best to vacuum at least once a week in the room where the television is located. As a parenthesis, it is worth mentioning that we have found very positive opinions about the Rowenta RO3753EA from users on the internet, so it can be a good option.

The idea is to avoid the accumulation of dust that can dirty not only the screen, but also other parts of the television, causing everything from a blurred image to serious damage to the internal circuits of the device. At this point it is important to note that it is possible to vacuum the vent on the back of the TV using a delicate surface nozzle, but placing the vacuum directly on the screen is not recommended.

Vaporettes are very fashionable lately, due to their effectiveness in combating bacteria and viruses, so it is worth remembering that hot water vapor can damage the screen, so you must clean it very carefully if there is one nearby. a television or computer with an LED screen, since it is a technology that is very sensitive to high temperatures.

Recommendations for screen maintenance

If you want to know how to clean a monitor, smart TV, mobile phone, tablet or any other device with a liquid crystal screen, we invite you to learn a series of simple but effective tricks that will allow you to remove dirt and avoid inconveniences. In addition, they are cheap methods that you can do at home without having to hire a professional technical service.

1. Please read the user manual carefully

Before carrying out maintenance on the television, you must thoroughly review the instruction manual, since it often depends on the brand and model. It is not the same to clean the screen of a Samsung TV as that of a Hisense. Most manufacturers include recommendations and steps to follow to accomplish this task. 

2. Turn off and unplug the TV

This is the most important preliminary step before starting to clean the TV screen, since we are talking about an electrical device. Although we are not going to use a lot of water, it is preferable to turn it off and disconnect it from the power. A damp cloth on a liquid crystal display that is turned on can cause sudden changes in temperature that affect its operation. 

Also, it is good to know that these types of screens accumulate heat when they have been on for some time, therefore, it is good to wait for them to cool completely before starting cleaning.

3. Gently remove the dust on the surface

It is essential to remove dust from the screen before wiping, since the friction of dirt particles on the liquid crystal can cause scratches. In this case, it is best to use a feather duster, as it is a very soft and delicate tool. Brushes, detergents, and household appliances that we commonly use to clean surfaces are not recommended for this step.

4. Use a microfiber cloth for stains

Children often dirty TV screens with their hands, leaving fingerprints and even food stains. To clean an LCD screen properly you need to use a microfiber cloth. There are special products that you can use to moisten the cloth if it is difficult to remove dirt.

5. Prepare a cleaning substance with household ingredients

If you don’t want to spend extra money, you can prepare a homemade LED screen cleaner, using some ingredients that you have at home. You just have to mix 200 ml of water with 200 ml of isopropyl alcohol. Also, you can use white vinegar as a substitute for alcohol. If you have distilled water, much better, since it has fewer mineral salts and does not cause any damage to the screen. Remember that you don’t have to get the cloth wet, you just need to make it slightly damp before gently wiping it across the surface of the screen.

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