How to connect Bluetooth headphones to TV?

TV headphones that work with a Bluetooth connection are a good option to watch sports, movies, TV series and concerts at any time with high volume without causing discomfort to other family members, but not all of us know which one is the best. way to connect them to the TV.

It is not much use having a 50-inch smart TV or any size if we have to turn down the volume so as not to disturb the neighbors or other family members, this prevents us from enjoying our favorite content properly. This is why headphones are increasingly used to watch television, however, cables can cause discomfort, so it is better to buy wireless headphones.

Types of wireless TV headphones

If you want to know how to connect wireless headphones to the TV, you must first take into account that they may have certain differences according to technology, so we must mention two types; the so-called wireless RF headphones and Bluetooth headphones. The former work with a radio frequency system, while the latter use electromagnetic waves to transmit audio.

RF headphones receive information by radio frequencies, generally from 800 to 900 MHZ, therefore, the distance range can be very wide, up to approximately 45 meters, providing a great capacity for movement, in addition, the signal can pass through walls., so you can move around the house and still listen to TV programs on your headphones.

However, this radio frequency technology has two points against it. On the one hand, it is possible that other devices also use the same frequency range, thus generating interference. Secondly, we must mention that to link this type of headphones with the television it is necessary to connect the charging base.

In contrast, Bluetooth technology offers a more secure signal, without interruptions and you do not need an adapter to make the connection, since most smart TVs come with Bluetooth built-in. Still, there is an option to connect such headphones to older television sets using a small transmitter.

Also, in general, Bluetooth headphones that are used for the television are also compatible with all devices that have this technology, such as phones, tablets, computers, etc. However, you should know that these helmets have a maximum range of 9 to 10 meters.

Is it true that Bluetooth technology compresses audio?

This is a technological problem that is already overcome. It is true that Bluetooth was not originally created for the transmission of high-fidelity music, therefore the sound it produced was very digital, diminishing the quality of the audio compared to radio frequency. However, this has been greatly improved by the advent of A2DP technology and the SBC codec, which allow extremely high-quality stereo transmission. 

Subsequently, the experts at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group have incorporated the aptX codec in versions 3.0 and 4.0, which offers performance similar to that of a compact disc (CD). Currently, many major manufacturers include this codec in their televisions, for this reason, we want to teach you how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a Samsung TV series 7 or any other brand and model.

Step by step to connect the headphones to the TV

1. Identify needs

The first step is to find out if the TV has integrated Bluetooth technology. Although many smart TVs have this option, some models do not include the system, so it is a good idea to carefully review the instruction manual. If your television has Bluetooth, it is only a matter of pairing the devices through the menu.

If, on the other hand, you have a television without this technology, then it will be necessary to acquire a Bluetooth transmitter for TV, that is, a device that can send the sound of the television to the headphones. In this case, you can select a Bluetooth audio transmitter that allows you to connect one or more pairs of headphones at the same time, so that several people can listen at the same time, which is very useful in the case of video games.

2. Define the sound system

At this point we mean to be clear if the audio is coming directly from the TV or if you have connected a home cinema, sound bar, AV receiver or other sound device. In general, all these computers have a pair of RCA ports, one for a 3.5 mm Jack and one for an optical cable. This is where you must connect the Bluetooth adapter depending on the model. For this reason, it’s good to check what sound system you have before you buy the transmitter.

3. Pair the devices

To connect Bluetooth headphones to a Samsung, Hisense, Philips or other brand TV that does not have built-in Bluetooth, it is necessary to first pair the transmitter with the headphones, for this you just have to turn on the Bluetooth receiving device by pressing the button for a few seconds, until the LED light flashes, so you know it’s searching for a device. You must do the same procedure with the headphones so that the transmitter can detect it. You will notice that it is very easy to pair Bluetooth headphones with the transmitter, since the connection is made automatically and only takes a few seconds.

4. Connect the transmitter to the sound system

Once the devices are paired, all you have to do is plug the 3.5mm jack of the Bluetooth transmitter directly into the jack on your TV, home theater or sound system. If you only have RCA ports, then you must use the adapter cable, which has a 3.5mm Jack input and two RCA outputs.

And that’s it, you now know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to TV LG, Samsung, Sony, etc, even if the TV itself does not have built-in Bluetooth technology. It only remains to choose one of the electric relax sofas with positive opinions on the market to enjoy your favorite TV programs with greater comfort.

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