How to control PC fans?

The computer fan is often only one, but it cools everything, CPU, GPU, motherboard, hard drive, etc. Other computers have two or more fans. In any case, it is important to control the speed of a fan in both laptops and desktops, especially if you are dedicated to the world of gaming, graphic design or music production.

How to adjust fan RPM from BIOS?

Fan RPM cannot always be adjusted in the BIOS, but on some computers it is possible. If you want to control the temperature of the PC, this could be the indicated option.

Enter the BIOS and look for the Power option. There you can find some options, for example when and at what speed to activate the CPU fan. Another option that commonly appears is to turn on the fan at maximum speed from the moment you start the computer. However, keep in mind that this way the fan will have less lifespan, because it will go all out all the time. 

Also, you should know that you cannot always adjust all the fans through the BIOS, only one, the one for the processor. However, in the case of laptops this would not be a problem, since many of them come with a single fan, which cools both the processor and other areas of the hardware.

It should be noted that the RPMs refer to those turns that the fans give, so the more they have, the higher their speeds. The speed parameter may appear in the BIOS in RPM.

On the other hand, you must know how to enter the BIOS. Commonly, when you turn on the computer, an image appears with the brand of your motherboard. Somewhere in this image appears the key that you must press to access the BIOS. This can be Delete, Esc, F8, F2, F11 or another, depending on the make and model of the computer. Even different computers require the use of two keys at the same time.

Is it possible to increase the fan speed in Windows 10?

Yes, it is possible to increase the fan speed in Windows 10. In fact, with the Speedfan application you can adjust the PC settings independently, changing the speed of each fan. Likewise, it is possible to install this application on older Windows systems.

With Speedfan you will also be able to see the performance of the PC whenever you want. And, if you buy and install a new PC fan you can configure it to your liking.

Also, you can not only increase the speed, but also lower it. But we only recommend the latter if you perform simple tasks on the computer. Otherwise, don’t turn any fans down to avoid future overheating issues.

Is it possible to install a temperature program for PC?

Yes, Speedfan is one of the applications that will help you to be informed about the temperature of the processor and the hard drives. You should know that high temperatures can damage the processor, graphics card, hard drive or other hardware elements. Therefore, monitoring the CPU temperature is an essential task for you, especially if you demand too much from the computer, for example, with complex applications or games.

If you don’t know how to lower the temperature of the laptop, this might be a safe method. If you increase the speed of the fan, the temperature of the computer will drop a little. In case it doesn’t cool down enough you can use a laptop cooler pad.

Another program that could help you is Argus Monitor, with which you can adjust the speed of the fans and see the temperature of the CPU, GPU and hard drives (HDD or SSD). Also, you can set speed limits for the fans. So that your team is as stable as possible.

The official website of Speedfan,, offers the free download. For its part, Argus Monitor provides a trial download for 30 days through its official website After testing the application you decide whether or not to buy its license, to continue using it. Both apps must be downloaded to your computer and then you open the installer, follow the steps and enjoy them.

Why doesn’t Speedfan detect fans?

Normally, the application detects at least one fan on the computer, but if it doesn’t, the fans may be damaged. Also, it is possible that there is some compatibility problem between the application and the model of your device. In either case, try another application or have a technician check the status of the fans outside of the computer.

How to increase the speed of my PC through maintenance?

To increase the speed of the computer you must clean the fans, especially the processor. Also, it is important that the passive heatsink, which is a metal cooling system, is clean.

Similarly, the processor has thermal paste, which you must change every 6 months to prevent high temperatures. The latter can slow down the PC significantly. To change the thermal paste you must remove the cooling system that I have a laptop or desktop computer. Remove the dried thermal paste and put on a new one, then put back the cooling system, for example, the heatsink and the fan.

In summary, the most efficient way to increase the speed of your computer is by giving it an excellent cleaning. To do this, use compressed air and a small soft brush. As long as the CPU fan is clean and in good working order, the computer will have adequate speed.

If you are wondering how to lower the noise of my PC’s fan, don’t worry, because after cleaning the cooling system will sound less. Also, you can lower the fan speed with any of the methods explained above. The lower RPM the fans have, the quieter they will be.

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