How to get the WiFi key on your computer?

Learning the methods that must be followed on computers to obtain the Wi-Fi keys of the networks to which they are connected is much more useful than you might think. Especially after noticing that it is not a password that is used to memorize due to automatic storage in modern devices.


Putting a password on your Wi-Fi home network is more than recommended to prevent access by unknown users. Besides, if you don’t write it down in a safe place, it is very likely that you will forget it, causing more than one annoyance when a friend who comes to visit asks you to connect from her phone, for example.

In these cases, it is important to know how to see the Wifi passwords that we have configured in the link devices, which we will review in detail in this article, so that you can learn to do it yourself, even in different operating systems.

How to know the Wi-Fi password?

Here you will find the necessary information with which you will be able to access the password that you have configured in your wireless connection router, although we must warn you that in order to know the Wifi password, connected to the PC, you will need a functional keyboard and its respective mouse.

Windows OS

Windows OS is one of the most widely used operating systems on computers of all kinds of categories, mainly thanks to the fact that most developers work based on this OS to run their programs and applications. On top of this, Windows has been around for several years now, with multiple versions of its OS actively working on home and business PCs alike.

Considering the aforementioned, in the following space we will tell you what are the steps you must follow to find the Wifi password in Windows OS, including a couple of old versions.

  1. Symbol of the system

Click Start and then type in the search bar the acronym CMD, which will return the Command Prompt application. Select it and this will bring up a window with a black background where you need to enter the netsh wlan show profile command . When you press the Enter key, all the wireless networks that have their respective passwords stored on the computer will appear in the window.

Next, enter the command netsh wlan show profile name=xxx key=clear. Here, the “x” correspond to the SSID name of the wireless network you want to access to see the key. If you press the Enter key again, you will be shown the stored password.


  1. Windows 10

View Wifi password in Windows 10 is quite simple. You will have to go to the Start button and then look in the bar for the Control Panel application. When you enter this section, you will see in the series of applications a call Center for Networks and Shared Resources. Click on it and this will take you to a new window where the wireless home network you are currently connected to will appear.

To see the Wi-Fi password, you must click on the name of the network; thus displaying a dialog box with several options to choose from. Find the Wireless Properties button and select it to enter this new section. Here you will have to click on the Security tab and you will be able to see the encrypted Wifi key next to the Show characters box.

  1. Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

The steps to follow to know the Wi-Fi password of the linked network in these versions of Windows are similar to those of Windows 10.

To get started, you’ll need to click Start and type Control Panel so you can get to the appropriate section. Here you will find an extensive list with multiple accesses. Look for one called Red. When you click, a window will open where you must choose the Network and Sharing Center option.

To finish and, as in Windows 10, it will update the window with the relevant information of the connected networks, as well as the various accesses to be able to see the established passwords that have been stored in the computers.

Mac OS

Mac OS is the operating system developed and installed on all Apple brand computers. This is characterized by having a fairly reliable security system, as well as a user-friendly interface that has led it to be part of the most widely used OS in the world, whether for study, work or entertainment.

Now, here we will tell you what steps you must follow to be able to see the Wifi password from any computer that is running this particular operating system.

  1.   Go to Finder, where you will click to display the window where you will see the different sections of the computer. In the list on the left side you will see the Applications option. Selecting it will refresh the window and you should search for the Keychain Access app.
  1. Once inside Keychain Access you will be able to see the list of all the devices to which the computer has been connected using a password. Find the SSID of the network the computer is currently connected to and double-click it.
  1.   Now a box will be displayed on the computer screen with the information regarding the connection network, such as the name, its class, among others. At the end, you will find a section with the password represented in a series of dots.
  1. Next to this section you will see the Show password box, which you must mark with the pointer so that the Wi-Fi key of the network connection to which the computer is linked is displayed.

Whether you prefer to work with Windows or Mac OS, knowing how to see the Wifi password will always be useful, even more than you think, and as you have seen, obtaining it is not as difficult as some would think.

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