How to know the model of my laptop?

Knowing the model of our laptop is a question that may be necessary for different reasons: search for drivers, verify its characteristics, perform updates and for other maintenance operations. To know this model, it is enough to resort to one of the solutions that we have at our disposal.

Many operations of use and maintenance of my equipment require knowing certain details about it, such as its model. If I want to make changes in my components, surely I need to know some system regarding how to know the characteristics of my PC. A more or less simple process. It is not so easy to know the model of the desktop, which in clone equipment is often without a model. Luckily, when it comes to a laptop, it is enough to know the model of the device that we are using to recognize the product and also to access specific drivers and controllers, among other details. 

This leaves us with the need to identify that model. And although the process is not usually complex, sometimes how to know my laptop model becomes a problem. Fortunately, there are several methods that we have at our disposal regarding how to know what computer I have, regardless of whether we are talking about a device with a certain age, a desktop tower or a mini PC. 

So, if you want to know that model with which to better maintain your laptop and update it without killing yourself too much or making mistakes with future parts, all you have to do is continue reading this article, where we offer you a series of solutions that, in addition, although we have Mainly focused on laptops, the truth is that they are also used for desktop computers, mini PCs and a good part of computer equipment of almost any type.

looking on the outside

Since a laptop is easy to handle, looking for the model on the outside of the computer is the easiest method of how to find out the model of my laptop. This model usually appears in various areas of the computer, such as the upper case, in the keyboard area, or the identification label of the lower area.

The problem is that, precisely because of this mobility, these supports tend to deteriorate over time. The labels lose their impression or deteriorate due to rubbing, which makes it difficult to identify the laptop model or how to know the serial number of my Windows 7 or Windows 10, since it also usually appears on a sticker located on the bottom of the product. 

As an additional problem, we find that disassembling the casing will surely not help much, since the model is not printed on the device’s circuitry. So, if the physical solution does not work for us, it will be time to resort to solutions based on programs and software.

Using Windows 10 system information

One of the advantages of laptops, compared to desktop computers, is that manufacturers generally include all the necessary information with which to unequivocally identify the equipment. So, if I want to learn how to find out the model of my laptop, we just have to open the Cortana finder by pressing the Windows and R keys and typing the msinfo command.

At the moment, this tool is opened to us, which is not only useful to know the model of the equipment. It is also a good solution for how to know the characteristics of my PC in Windows 10, being equally valid for your laptop. So in the system information you only have to use the manufacturer of the system and the specific model to access the desired information, also having other data related to the amount of memory, the model of the graphics card and much more information about interest.

By the way, we are talking about Windows 10 because it is the reference system, but if you have a version of Windows like 7 or 8, it is also possible to use this tool, in the same way that we have proposed.

Using the command console

This solution is not as well known as the one we have discussed before, although it is much easier if you are comfortable with the Windows command line. To begin with, we will open that line by typing CMD in the Cortana box or in the search box that, as we said before, is opened with the Windows and R keys.

Once the console is open, all we have to do is type the command wmic baseboard get product manufacturer version serialnumber and press enter. At the moment. The system will respond with the manufacturer, model and serial number of your laptop. A function that also helps us when it comes to how to know the model of my PC, my mini PC or any other Windows device. However, this remedy is not useful when it comes to how to know the characteristics of my PC, since it does not give more information than what we have mentioned.

Using external software

Although the options included in Windows are quite comfortable to know the manufacturer and model of our laptop or PC, the truth is that sometimes the system can be somewhat complex. As an alternative, we have the idea of ​​using third party software like AIDA 64.

This application has the ability to collect a large amount of information about the device in which we are using the program, so we can find out the name and model of our laptop, see the installed peripherals or comfortably solve how to know the name of my PC within our local network. In addition, all this information is easy to manage and export, which can be useful when performing all kinds of maintenance tasks on the equipment.

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All the solutions that we have discussed at a logical level, that is, those that use software, such as the operating system or other external tools to identify the laptop model, require that the manufacturer has done its job. That data doesn’t magically appear in the software, it comes from the computer’s BIOS.

As an example, for many systems that I use regarding how to know the model of my HP laptop and the manufacturer has not included the model data correctly in the configuration of the computer, we can already use all kinds of software to answer this question that we are not going to to be able to solve the problem. It’s not common, especially on modern computers, but it can happen.

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