How to record screen without installing software

Recording the computer screen has multiple purposes, although initially it was a function mostly used by video game fans. This, with the combination of Xbox and Windows, led to the creation of a function on the PC with which you can easily and quickly record what is displayed on the screen.


Just a couple of years ago, achieving a decent recording of another screen had to be done with an external camera and pointing at the device, but today all that has changed and modern computers and even smartphones are equipped with tools that allow them to do That and so much more.

The functions of this type in electronic devices are more relevant and practical than you would imagine. Basically, the capture allows you to take a picture of what is displayed on the monitor at a certain moment, while with the screen recording, you can capture a series of actions on video.

This type of content can be used according to the needs and preferences of the user, whether it is editing it to share it on social networks or cutting it up and preparing it for an office presentation, for example. Also, we can’t forget the main reason developers got interested in screen recording: video games.

What is Xbox Console Companion?

Xbox is Microsoft’s line of video game consoles, which is the main contender for the PlayStation; one of the leading consoles for sale.

As a result of the updates and virtual growth, the importance that E-Sports players were gaining and the interest in broadcasting their games on various platforms was even more noticeable. Due to this, searches of the type how to record the computer screen or how to record the PC screen flooded the internet of users interested in practicing the same.

Consequently, and to improve the integration of their devices and services, Microsoft and Xbox developed the Xbox Console Companion; an app where users can use their console credentials to log in, check their progress, access special recording and streaming features, connect with friends, and much more. Also, it is installed by default with Windows 10, so you don’t have to worry about searching for it on the internet.

Steps to activate screen recording in Windows 10

Before you can make use of the screen recorder feature in Windows 10, you must first activate it by following the steps below:

  1. Go to settings

On your computer, click the Start button to bring up the menu and in the left sidebar you will see a gear icon. Select it and this will take you to the Settings section, where you should find the Games option.

  1. Determine the keyboard shortcut

By accessing the Games section, you will enter the Game bar window. Here you will find a list with the different commands and shortcuts to activate the recording function or other Xbox Console Companion services. Find the option of Start / Stop recording and you can see that the default Windows command is Win + Alt + R, while at the bottom you can determine your own shortcuts at your convenience.

  1. Turn on screen recording

When you have configured or noted down the keyboard command to activate screen recording, all you have to do is activate the function Record game clips, screenshots and transmit with the game bar that you will find at the beginning of the list.


How to capture screen video with Windows 10?

By pressing the keyboard command Win + G, a top bar will appear on your screen where you will have access to the functions offered by the Xbox Console Companion, allowing you to make screen recordings whether or not you are running a game. This can be very useful for school presentations, work presentations or also to record the screen with VLC playing a movie, for example.

However, the handling of this tool can be adapted to your needs, whether you prefer to configure certain things at the time of recording or you are fine with automatic settings, there are two methods to capture your screen:

  • Record screen manually

To do the recording manually, you will need to enter the aforementioned Win + G command. Then move your pointer to the second box called Widget Menu. When you click on it, several access options will appear that you can position on your screen. Choose Capture and you will see a dialog box appear with 4 buttons: Capture, Background, Record and Microphone. On the other hand, at the bottom you can click on the Show all screenshots option to directly access the folder where they are stored.

Continuing with the guide, as the names of the buttons indicate, the 1st is responsible for taking an immediate screenshot, the 2nd allows you to continue recording, even if you change windows, the 3rd activates or stops the recording process and the last handles microphone reception.

  • Record screen automatically

We will now review the automatic access, as it is ideal to start recording suddenly.

Once you have configured the activation parameters of the function, you will be able to run the game of your choice and press the certain keys. If you keep the command set, when you tap Win + Alt + R, the system should automatically start recording whatever the screen is streaming, storing the clip in the set path or within the same Game Bar charms.

To make sure that it is recording, you should look at the right side of the screen, since, when you press the certain key combination, a small box with a red button will appear next to a timer, which indicates the time of the recorded video, another button to stop the recording and one to activate or deactivate the microphone.

With these tools you can easily activate the screen capture and recording modes on your computer, whether you want to remember a game of your favorite video game, an internet video or take a screenshot of a document, to save time and do everything much more intuitive.

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