How to recover deleted files?

Despite all the options at our disposal, no one is free to delete a file that they need to use. Fortunately, there are tools that help us recover deleted files and fix this problem easily.

Deleting a file that we shouldn’t delete is something that has happened to all of us. And that on top of that we have emptied the recycle bin of our computer before taking out that key file for us, too. It is one more example that, many times, the biggest cause of problems in desktop computers is the one sitting in front of the computer.

Fortunately, there are solutions to restore deleted files from almost any medium, such as a hard drive or SD card. Among these solutions are data recovery programs, with which to recover deleted files from Windows 10 or almost any other version.

First steps

The first step in recovering deleted files on Windows 10, 8 or any other version is to take a look at the recycle bin . This is where the files we delete go, so as long as it has not been emptied, those lost files should be there.

However, sometimes the file is too big to fit into the Trash or the Trash is set to directly delete files. In these cases, it will be necessary to resort to a program to recover files, like the ones we are going to see below.

It is important that you start this process at the very moment you realize that you have deleted them. Let’s think that when we delete a file, it actually remains on the disk, but the space it occupies is marked as free space. Therefore, the data recovery program is responsible for analyzing the disk and see what can be recovered. The problem is that if you continue to use the computer, it is possible that you will overwrite this area and destroy the file. Hence the urgency that we have been discussing.

Programs to recover deleted files

To make this recovery process easier for you, we offer you some of the candidates for the best program to recover deleted files, with which to try to save those accidentally deleted files.

  1. DiskDrill (Windows and Mac)

Disk Drill is a complete file recovery, with which it is possible to scan all types of storage units in search of deleted files. A product compatible with FAT or NTFS type partitions, as well as with Windows and Mac computers.

The strong point of this product is that it has a double protection system . On the one hand, it is capable of scanning the hard drive to recover deleted photos from PC or any other type of file with ease. On the other hand, the equipment includes a control system, which saves a reference to any file that goes through the recycle bin. Ideal therefore to recover a deleted folder in Windows 10 or any other content safely.

As a finishing touch to this application, you have the option of creating image files in ISO or DMG format, which allows you to recover the files from that cloned image and not from the original, giving you more possibilities of finding what you need. A very interesting function. Almost as much as the fact that Disk Drill is free, despite offering one of the best features on the market.

  1. Recuva (Windows)

If you have ever wondered how to recover deleted files from PC, surely you have heard about Recuva, a well-known and easy-to-use file recovery software. In fact, this program is portable , so you don’t have to install anything on your computer, thus preserving the integrity of the unit to be verified.

Its mode of use is the usual, with a system that scans the unit in search of those files that we have deleted. These are presented in a list, along with a traffic light-like color indicator, which informs us of their status. If necessary, and if the file is in good condition, it is easy to recover it from its interface.

  1. EaseUS (Windows and Mac)

EaseUS is another useful option when you don’t know how to recover a deleted file. This application has the advantage of having a very simple interface , similar to Windows Explorer, as well as a process that barely needs three steps to retrieve what you need.

The first step scans the hard drive for deleted files, presenting these in the interface we have discussed. We will also set the type of data that we want to recover, so if you want to know how to recover deleted videos, you just have to use the corresponding extension. Finally, we can preview the files and recover the ones that are necessary. Perfect to recover what you have accidentally deleted without much complication.

  1. Restoration (Windows)

Simple but efficient. This is the short definition of Restoration. This tool is portable, so no installation is required. Its interface is extremely simple and allows you to scan any unit or search for part of the file, depending on what you need. 

After the usual scanning process, the program shows that it can be recovered comfortably. A simple solution suitable for almost any Windows operating system, since some users comment that the operation in Windows 8 is not as good as it should be.

  1. Pandora Recovery (Windows)

The fifth choice on our list is Pandora Recovery. Another free tool that has three different ways of working as a novelty . The browsing mode offers us a list of recovered files, while the search option, the second one, allows us to find files by name, size or deletion dates, among other options.

The third option is deep scan. This is responsible for analyzing the entire unit in search of deleted files, offering very complete results and with all the files that can be recovered from the evaluated unit.

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