How to recover Facebook account?

In times like these, social networks are part of our daily lives. That is why it is key to maintain maximum security during use and access to them. However, if you lose your password to access Facebook, then you have a problem.

Despite the time that has passed, Facebook is still today one of the most important social networks in the world. Going to Facebook to see what is happening in our environment has become a habit for millions of people around the world. Therefore, it is important that when entering Facebook we do so with a secure password and with all the necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

The problem arises when we are going to log in to Facebook and we do not remember our password. It’s something that shouldn’t happen, but sometimes it does. Sometimes we change the password and don’t remember the new one. Or we remember the password, but we do not have access to the email with which we registered and we cannot confirm access. Or the same goes for the phone number we use to access.  

In all these cases it is necessary to recover the Facebook password, as well as to have the means to access our account, solve the problem and continue enjoying the service. Basically because it is not possible to enter Facebook without an active account on the network.

How to recover Facebook password

If we have forgotten our Facebook password, the first thing we should do is recover it. To do this, we have a link that says “Forgot your password?” on the login page. Following this link, we access a form where we are asked for either our email or our mobile phone . If we have added this data, we can use it to recover the account, following the instructions indicated through the means we have selected.

By the way, if you use to access Facebook from different devices, it is possible that some of them are still connected to the network. Check it with your mobile, your laptop or any other equipment that you have used to enter the website. 

You can also check if your browser has saved the password, which, despite not being secure on public computers, is interesting if your desktop computer (check some purchase options at this link) or your laptop is for personal use. In all these cases, once you access your account, you will be able to change the Facebook password comfortably, for one that you know.

Ask your friends for help to recover your account

Another solution that you have at your fingertips is the possibility of asking your friends for help to recover your Facebook account. This option can be useful to recover the Facebook password without email or without a mobile phone, since, a priori, it is not essential to use it for the process. What they will ask you for will be an email to communicate with you, which does not have to be the one used initially to register the account.

To access this option, we will follow the procedure indicated in the previous point, indicating that we do not remember our account or our email. Next, we will be offered the option to “Reveal my trusted contacts” . Yes, it is true that, to use this function, you should have previously designated those contacts, through the corresponding options in your account settings.

Once the option is activated, these people will receive a message with a password, which they must send to you so that you can send it to Facebook. The page gives you the option to choose from three to five friends, so these will be the ones who receive that code. You will need three different codes to regain access to your account.

Check if your account is active

If you try to access your account and you cannot do so despite having entered the password correctly, it is possible that the problem is something else. Sometimes, Facebook can ban access to the profile in case you have published inappropriate content, have maintained inappropriate behavior through chat or if the information in your profile violates the rules of the network, as happens with the accounts of minors 13 years old, for example.

In these cases, the most normal thing is that Facebook has sent you an informative email, indicating the infraction committed and the duration of the sanction, if it is temporary, or the definitive loss of the account if that infraction is of a nature. serious. In case of a temporary suspension, it is possible to appeal it, while if the account has already been deleted, you will not be able to do anything to recover it.

It is better prevent

As a final piece of advice, we want to help you prevent you from having to use the tips we’ve given you earlier to recover your Facebook account. The first thing you should do is have a good discipline in keeping passwords. It is just as important to use strong passwords as not to forget them.

In case you use complex passwords, almost all browsers have options to save those passwords and use them when necessary. However, these should only be used on private computers, and their use on public computers is not recommended.

Another important precaution is to keep our information on the network up to date. Given that to access Facebook both our email and our mobile are essential, it is important that these two data are always up to date in our profile. If you change your email, but forget to change the email on Facebook, then you will have problems both to access your account and to recover it in case of problems. The same goes for your mobile number.

And since we are talking about the phone, if you have a smartphone, it is not a bad idea to always have the account signed in on both devices. This will allow you to keep access to your Facebook profile open at all times and have a fallback option to keep your account active or manage it properly if your PC or laptop crashes.

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