How to share the Internet?

Data consumption on smartphones has increased in recent years with the appearance of social networks, so having a good internet plan is crucial to avoid inconvenience. However, when this is not possible, Internet Sharing is available on many devices.


With the growing demand for data consumption, internet plans for mobile devices are increased from time to time. However, if you use networks a lot , play online games or watch a lot of YouTube, for example, sometimes even the plans with the most available data are not enough to satisfy all the requirements.

In these cases, it is common to run out of mobile internet before the consumption cycle of the plan that is being paid is renewed, so it is convenient to know how to take advantage of a tool called Internet Sharing, which you can find on various devices and operating systems.

In fact, if you are wondering how to have internet on a tablet that does not work with SIM cards or how to connect mobile data to the computer when your Wi-Fi fails, Internet Sharing is also the answer. This access can be found on equipment of various categories, be it cell phones, tablets or computers.

What does it consist of?

Basically, it is a quite practical function and has been incorporated in recent years as a basic option in many devices. With it you can generate an access point to which other people or equipment can connect, to make use of your browsing data, whether limited or unlimited.

It is quite useful when working with a gadget that does not have an Internet connection with telephone networks, such as most tablets, for example. In addition, it is also very handy in case your friend has lost internet on his phone and needs to check his email or his messages in applications. 

How can I share the internet connection? 

Creating a Wi-Fi connection point from your smartphone or PC to share data is a tool that is easy to access and can be configured in a couple of steps. If you are interested in learning how data is shared from various platforms , then we offer you the steps to follow in the most popular: 

  • from Windows

One of the first methods that we are going to review is the one that is done through the PC to generate an access point through which the Internet is shared by Wifi, allowing the link of external devices, such as smartphones, tablets and more.

To do this, you will need to go to Start, then Settings and here you should find the Network and Internet access. In the side menu you will find the option Zone with mobile wireless coverage. When entering here you will see a series of actions where you can activate or deactivate Share my Internet connection with other devices, choose in which wireless mode to share the data, as well as the edition of both the SSID and the default password.

This function of the PC allows you to create an access point that can be linked via Wifi or Bluetooth as you have, you will only have to search for the SSID from your device, enter the required password and that’s it.

  • From MacOS

In case you are using a Mac OS computer, you will have to click on the little apple, and then choose System Preferences. When the new window opens, you will need to select the Internet Sharing option from the list of services that will appear.

Next, click the drop-down menu for Internet Sharing from and select the connection mode you have installed, either Wifi or Ethernet. If you choose Wifi, you must also configure the data regarding the name you want it to have, the password and the desired type of security. 

  • From an Android device

If you are interested in learning how to share data from mobile to computer (if you click here, you will find several options to buy), now we will teach you how to do it from a device that is running the Android OS operating system, either from a tablet or a smartphone.

To share the Internet on Android you have to enter the Settings section. Once here, you will see the Mobile Hotspot option in the list. When you enter, you will be able to edit the default configuration, as well as determine a personal password to connect. 

  • From an iOS device 

Apple teams are not far behind in their portable internet options, since their devices are equipped by default with an access with which the data that is available can be shared.

To share Internet from iPhone you must find the Settings option, enter it and then select Internet Sharing, from where you can activate or deactivate the function, as well as create a password for security. 

Tips and recommendations 

Now we have a couple of tips that you can follow to avoid mishaps when using the function, as well as to increase security when you want to activate it in spaces where there are many people.

Now that you have learned how to share Wi-Fi to get the most out of that extra data that you may have on your device, we advise you to put a key on the access point , so that only the people to whom you have passed the password can connect.

The same applies to the network name. Before activating it, check that no type of personal data is displayed and that it is easy to identify for your acquaintances, so that they do not try to access other connections of dubious origin.

Also, make sure that the function does not remain activated for too long if you are going to use it from a device such as a smartphone, for example, since it consumes a lot of energy and you could run out of battery far from home.

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