How to watch Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime on any TV

The arrival of Smart TVs and streaming content has considerably changed the way we enjoy our favorite shows. It is no longer necessary to wait for the time your favorite series is broadcast, nor to wait a week, normally, for the next episode to be broadcast. Not to mention the considerable quality of the content that these series have, as shown by productions such as Narcos, Stranger Things or La Casa de Papel, to name a few examples.

But the problem arises when accessing these contents is concerned. And it is that to see the contents of these platforms it is necessary to have a Smart TV or a device that supplies its functions, which we do not always have at hand. In any case, whatever your case may be, we are going to give you the necessary guidelines so that you know how to watch your favorite series on any television. And if you want to buy a Smart TV, you can find a list here.

From your Smart TV

If you already have a Smart TV, you are in the best position to enjoy your favorite series in comfort. And it is that these products already include all the necessary elements for you to access these platforms. In fact, there are many manufacturers of these televisions that already include the apps of these platforms directly from the factory, so if you take a look at the apps installed on your television, you may only have to choose the one you want and launch it.

If this is not the case, it will be necessary to install the app of the corresponding streaming application that is of interest to you. To do this, simply access the TV’s market or application store and search for the app. Once installed, we will have to run it, indicate our user account and password and we will have our Smart TV ready to start enjoying our favorite series or program.

google chromecast

If you don’t have a Smart TV, or its functions are deficient, which can also be, one of the easiest options is Google Chromecast. This device allows you to send content to the TV from any computer, laptop or mobile, so that if you have the app for your favorite platform installed on this device, you can play it on your TV just by making this connection.

The main drawback of this device is that you will need to have the mobile or the source device of the video broadcast at hand, in addition to having it connected to the network. Although given the extreme simplicity of the device, which only requires WiFi connectivity to send the signal to the device, you won’t need anything else to enjoy that content.


The Apple TV is another interesting alternative for those who do not have a Smart TV and want to also have a greater number of functions, apart from simply enjoying HBO or Netflix on their television. And it is that this device is a complete multimedia center, so that you will not only be able to run these applications directly, but you will also be able to access a large number of apps. The advantage is that many of them, like those of the main streaming platforms that we have already mentioned, are already included, so you save their installation.

As if that were not enough, this product has versions capable of offering a resolution in 4K format, which can be interesting if you have a television or screen with these characteristics. This Apple TV comes in two different capacities, 32 or 64 GB, with prices ranging from 150 to 220 euros, depending on the model and its capacity.

fire stick

We’ve talked about Google, we’ve talked about Apple and, to complete the list of big brands in this segment, it’s time to talk about the Fire Stick. This device is the solution that Amazon offers us both to access Amazon Prime Video and other streaming platforms and all kinds of applications.

We are talking about a reasonably priced solution, around 60 euros, which also has a remote control despite having a size identical to that of a traditional pen drive. A small but powerful device, since it already includes the apps installed to access Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, having a wide range of applications to download the ones you want. And if you want Alexa to take care of everything, you can do it too, so you can forget about looking for the remote control of the equipment.

Smart TV Box

The Smart TV Box is a small-sized device with which we can add Smart functions to any television. An Android-based product, generally, so it makes it easy to install apps from your favorite streaming platform. In addition, the product has the advantage of offering a more open environment than the ones we have previously mentioned, so it is much easier to enjoy any application.

In terms of price and features, the current Smart TV Box offer starts at around 30 or 40 euros. However, it is key that you look for models that have at least 2 GB of RAM and 16 of storage, as it is the minimum necessary to have smooth performance of all installed applications.

from other equipment

To close this extensive list, we take a look at other teams that can give us access to these content apps. One of them is your video game console. As soon as it is more or less modern, both the PS3, the PS4, the Xbox and even the WiiU allow you to install these apps and access streaming content.

Something similar happens with many mid-range and high-end Blu-Ray players. These products incorporate a section dedicated to accessing these streaming applications, making it easier to enjoy that content. And as a last option, you can also do it from your computer, using an HDMI cable for the connection between the devices. A simple solution as long as the TV and the PC are not too far apart.

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