HP Deskjet 3639 Reviews

Main advantage:

This model offers ergonomic and intuitive handling with which you can easily use all the functions of the printer and its design is both attractive and compact, so you can place it where you need it.

Main disadvantage:

To use the wireless mode, you must create an email with the domain to send the documents you want to print there, which causes some mistrust in some buyers.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The practicality and aesthetics of this HP printer make it a valid option if you are looking for a device with good capacity to complement your office or study room at home.

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Main Features Explained


printer design

The external design of the printer you decide to buy must be suitable for the space where you plan to place it, understood in terms of size and accessibility. Likewise, it will also be beneficial to verify the manufacturing finishes and details, to choose the best option.

The model offered by the well-known HP brand, Deskjet 3639, is a printer created for home use, which has a size of 15.8 x 31 x 43.8 centimeters and weighs 4.17 kilograms. It is not too big and you can easily fit it on a desk, to have it close when you need to print any document.

On the other hand, in the upper part of the equipment you will find a control panel with an LCD screen, which will allow you to access its functions, so as not to depend on a computer and, in addition, it becomes a direct access when you need to make quick copies of your documents, photographs, cards, etc.

Features and connectivity

Finding the best printer on the market can become quite a complicated task, especially considering the variety of alternatives and brands that exist in this category. However, a feature that you cannot neglect is the connectivity offered by the model of your interest.

Although that is not a reason for concern when it comes to the HP Deskjet 3639 printer, since this model can work with or without a cable, depending on your needs and the type of installation you have set up at home.

For wireless operation, the printer has access to Wi-Fi connectivity, through which it can link to the Internet to provide remote printing services using AirPrint and also access the HP Instant Ink service.

On the other hand, if you need to use it with your computer, you won’t have to spend extra money, since your purchase includes the USB cable with which you can connect it directly to your computer and install it.

Handling and compatibility

To avoid setbacks when purchasing a printer for home or office, it is essential to review what methods it offers to take advantage of its capacity, either through computers or other devices.

Reviewing the information provided by the manufacturer regarding the HP Deskjet 3639 printer, it should be noted that the equipment offers support and compatibility for mobile phones and tablets, in addition to computers. This will allow you to make prints without the need to be directly connected to the computer.

As for its system compatibility, the printer is capable of working with Windows OS and also with Mac OS, thus covering the main operating systems of computers, so you can easily use it wherever you want.

In addition to this, it should be noted that you can take advantage of the printer’s functions with various types of documents, such as sheets, envelopes and photo paper.

spare parts included

Last but not least, it would not hurt to check if the printer you are interested in purchasing has spare cartridges to start it or change them when required.

Some user opinions consider that the cost of printers can be relegated when verifying the price of compatible cartridges, since, depending on their type, they can be expensive and generate a regular expense, depending on the use that is given to the equipment.

Therefore, we consider it an advantage that this model comes with a black and a color cartridge, which you can install immediately to start using it as soon as you get home. Also, it should be noted that you can install non-HP brand cartridges and the equipment will work without problems.

These types of cartridges, mainly generic brands, are usually much more affordable for the average user, allowing them to take advantage of the printer at a lower cost.

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