HP Envy Photo 7830 Reviews

Main advantage:

The equipment, although it is for home use, offers a fast printing of documents and with good resolution, which generates a mostly positive performance that also extends to its other integrated functions.

Main disadvantage:

The size and weight of this printer model may be a bit excessive for the home use line and make it a bit more inconvenient to move, although this does not affect its capacity or print quality for your documents at all.

Verdict: 9.6/10

We advise you to consider this HP printer if you are looking for a device with good printing capacity, duplex function and an efficient multifunction system to meet any basic office requirement.

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Main Features Explained


print capacity

When searching among the best HP printers, you cannot ignore the printing capacity of the model you are interested in buying. This will allow you to invest in equipment that is capable of generating the quality you need for your documents, photos or whatever you want to print.

Within this aspect, the Envy Photo 7830 model stands out from others, as it offers good print quality at an affordable cost. Its speed when working in monochrome quality is 15 pages per minute, while it reaches 10 pages per minute in color. This classifies it as a fairly fast model to be for domestic consumption.

In terms of resolution, its base is 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, but it can reach an optimized resolution of 4,800 x 1,200 dpi if photo paper is used. Thanks to this, you will be able to obtain clear and good quality images. 

Installation and configuration

One aspect that several opinions consider relevant to be able to choose a good home printer is that it be easy and intuitive to use. This way you can forget about inconveniences when configuring it or registering it in the home network for the use of all the members of the family.

And that is offered by the model of the HP Envy line, since, to make it work, you will only have to download the official HP application from the virtual store of your smartphone, which is free and accessible for both iOS and Android.

By running the application, you can use the connection of the same device to find the signal of your printer and thus link them. Afterwards, the automated system will take care of much of the installation and will only ask you to set a couple of parameters about usage.

Once the printer is installed and configured, it will be registered in the home network, so that it can be used by other people who are connected to the same network without the need for cables or other devices such as computers, for example.

team design

As you review HP printers currently available on the market at an affordable price, you’ll find that there are models for just about any taste or need. Therefore, thoroughly reviewing the characteristics of the model you want to take home will allow you to make sure that it is the right one for you.

This time we are faced with a multifunctional printer with a modern design, with good manufacturing finishes and wear-resistant materials, which will let you enjoy it for many years.

Its dimensions are 45.3 x 50.2 x 19.3 centimeters and it weighs approximately 7.6 kilograms. It may not be the most compact model in the line, but it pays off in quality performance when printing various types of documents, photos, text and more.

In addition, it has a backlit screen where you can review the print settings and even make use of additional functions without the need for an external device.

Wireless connection

Today, advances in technology have learned to take advantage of the integration of wireless connectivity in mobile devices. Printers do not escape this and this quality can considerably increase the ease and accessibility of use for the equipment.

Consequently, we consider an advantage the fact that the HP model allows you to choose whether to connect it to the network through Wifi, in case you do not want to use cables, or also through the direct Ethernet port to the modem. This last alternative will speed up the transfer of information and may even be more stable than Wi-Fi.

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