HP Sprocket 200 Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a model with compact physical properties, which facilitates its portability. Both the weight and size of this printer do not exceed that of a current smartphone.

Main disadvantage:

Although it has optimized operation, this model of photo printer includes a battery that does not provide enough autonomy, since it discharges after a short time of use.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The printer has adequate connectivity and compatibility with different mobiles. In addition, it includes Bluetooth and you can print 5 by 7.6 cm photos at a good resolution, which makes it one of the best models in its style.

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Main Features Explained


Photo printers are products that have a similar design, or at least most of the alternatives available on the market share a common characteristic: their physical properties are poor. To continue with the standard, one of the leading brands in printers and computers, HP, has introduced the Sprocket 200 model to the market. It is a small-sized photo printer that is also light in weight.

These design features make HP’s proposal a lightweight and portable printer, since, being its small size, it can be taken anywhere, whether it’s a short trip, a weekend getaway or an event, easily. comfortable and discreet, because it won’t take up much space and with it you will have the opportunity to have the photos selected from your mobile on paper, in just a matter of minutes.

Printing photos using this equipment is a simple and convenient process. Plus, this HP printer is available in three stylish colors, ranging from neutral white to feminine pink to classic black. In this way, the user will be able to put their personal signature and style when selecting the color of their preference. Even, since there are three popular colors (the most recurrent in smartphones of the brands with the highest sales), it is possible to combine them with the color of the mobile device and put together a set that is striking and pleasing to the eye.

The size of this portable printing device is 11.7 x 8 x 2.5 cm, so it is no bigger than a smartphone as it can even be held with one hand. On the other hand, its weight does not exceed 200 grams. For this reason, it is an alternative for those who want to carry little weight, but without neglecting the advantages of a device of this level.

Compatibility and use

Frequently, it has been noted that user opinions about photo printers are oriented towards versatile and functional equipment. These characteristics are only achieved through compatibility and that is where HP has made the difference with this Sprocket 200 model, because it is suitable for use with almost any mobile device today.

The printer is easily recognized by mobile phones of different brands in a matter of seconds when turning on Bluetooth, which facilitates the reception and subsequent printing of content. In this way, the HP Sprocket is compatible with mobiles from those that work with the Android operating system, in equipment from brands such as Samsung, LG and others, to smartphones that work under the iOS operating system, such as iPhones, which are usually more restrictive in their compatibility.

The high pairing capacity of this printer is due to the fact that its manufacturer has equipped it with powerful Bluetooth, but it does not work alone. In order to efficiently use your mobile photo printer, you need to first download the HP Sprocket app to your device. As a test, you can take a photograph, edit it, if necessary and, finally, give the order to print so that the image appears on paper.

Thanks to Bluetooth, the mechanisms of connectivity and compatibility are expanded because, once it is activated, from one to five other people can connect and print photos simultaneously. Hence, there are many people who can enjoy the printing service easily and quickly, without having to go to a specialized center or wait to get home, but from the same event or meeting in which they are present they can take the memory of the moment immortalized on paper.

function and speed

Various models of photo printers are attractive for their competitive price, but beyond the cost, it is necessary to analyze the functionality of the device. Although it is true that the purpose of these portable computers is to print the photos captured with the phone, it is also true that not all of them do it with the same efficiency and speed. In this sense, the HP Sprocket 200 model is usually considered by a large number of users as the best photo printer on the market, because its operation is fast, since only about 15 seconds elapse after giving the “print” order., until the paper comes out of the device. In addition, it is efficient, because the quality of the photo on the paper is high-end.

By making use of this portable printing device, the user can enjoy photos with a size of 5 by 7.6 cm. Similarly, the equipment can scan interactive content, whether photos or other files, and allows you to customize the images with emoticons and filters that will give each photograph a special touch. The process of printing from your mobile device is simple and you can also print photos from social networks, so its functions are not limited to photos captured on the spot.

The model is compatible only with HP Sprocket Photo Paper, which has been equipped with Zink technology for instant ink-free printing. On the other hand, the use of this photo printer can be extended for up to 4 hours, which is the estimated duration time of the built-in batteries.

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