HP Tango X Reviews

Main advantage:

Probably the highlight of this printer is the fact that it is quite easy and comfortable to use. Additionally, everything can be configured from a compatible mobile device with the HP app, so you don’t have to complicate yourself.

Main disadvantage:

Although the connectivity through the WiFi network stands out for being stable and providing speed, it is a disadvantage that cable connections have been left aside. The fact that only wireless operation is an option limits the possibilities of use.

Verdict: 9.8/10

In general, it could be said that this is a very good printer, as it encompasses outstanding qualities that facilitate the use of the device and allow its performance to always be fluid.

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Main Features Explained


Something that makes HP an outstanding company, and that is usually highlighted by the opinions of its users, is the fact that it is a brand that has managed to evolve with technological changes. HP has been able to integrate innovative features into its products to make them easy to use. The best thing is that, most of the time, this does not influence the final price so much.

For example, if we talk about the Tango X printer, then it is worth mentioning that it is a device that you can connect directly to your mobile phone through the HP Smart application, which you can download for free.

This printer uses a dual-band Wi-Fi connection protocol to be able to offer a stable link, no matter what device you are connecting from. That way, when you already have the app, it will only take a few minutes to connect and start printing what you need, be it images or documents. Additionally, the device accepts sheets of different sizes with maximum dimensions of A4 format.

As if this were not enough, from the application you will also be able to configure things such as the printer’s ink level, achieving greater customization of the results. Also, while the documents are being printed, you will be receiving notifications on your mobile so that you know how everything is going.


When it comes to choosing a product among the best HP printers out there, it is possible to put aside its design, because the appearance of these devices will not really affect its performance and operability. However, this brand is known for providing a good balance between appearance and functionality, so it is worth giving importance to this feature.

This printer, model year 2018, stands out among the various options because it has an attractive design that combines gray with white details, to provide a contrast that adds a touch of elegance to the device. Additionally, to differentiate itself from many older models, this printer has a top tray that has room to hold up to 50 sheets.

You need to remember that the design speaks not only about its visual appeal, but also about how practical the product is. For that reason, it is worth noting that this model has been manufactured to be comfortable to use, so it has dimensions of 38.9 x 24.6 x 9.1 centimeters and weighs only 3.4 kilograms. This means that it is a printer that can be easily adapted to different spaces, so it will be easy to store and also to transport, in case it is required.

Technical specifications

You cannot put aside the comparison between HP printers without first having in mind what are the technical specifications of the products that catch your attention. Therefore, if you like the Tango X model, then it is a good idea to take the time to check these technical aspects that directly influence the operation of the printer.

To begin with, an outstanding feature is that the device has advanced inkjet printing technology, to achieve the best possible results on paper. Thanks to this, the prints will have sharp colors to facilitate the visualization of details, whether text or images. We are talking exactly about a resolution of 4800 dots per inch, which is considered a very good quality finish.

Added to this, the Tango X model offers quite fast performance, since it manages to print up to 11 pages per minute, if it is a black and white document, while, if it is in color, it will work producing 8 ppm. When you turn it on and configure it, remembering that it is compatible with Microsoft and Mac OS software alike, the printer will maintain a temperature between 15 and 30°, avoiding overheating that can slow down printing.

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