Improve your game with these tricks for PES 2020

The latest renewal of Pro Evolution Soccer has brought many new features, which can be difficult for many players to understand. But if you know certain tricks with which to improve your technique, it will be easier for you to dominate the game and get better results in less time.

Although most players usually bet on FIFA 20 as the best soccer game of the moment, the truth is that Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 has nothing to envy. In fact, many players prefer it, both for its greater realism and for a much more logical control system. Precisely for this reason, it can be more difficult for you to dominate the matches than with other soccer games on the market. So nothing better than giving an extra quality to your technique with these interesting ones.

1. Head pressing

New to Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 is the way players apply pressure. Now the player is required to order it manually, as opposed to the automatic tendency of previous versions. So it is almost essential to personally control a player who is in charge of defending and hindering the attacker’s play creation. We should only change players in case the AI ​​finally overtakes us and our player is far from the ball. A task in which you can even ask for help from a partner. By the way, don’t go overboard with the pressure, because the referees are quite picky about it.

2. Attacking with patience

Unlike other football games and even other versions of PES in which you could score Maradona’s goal in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico by dribbling past the entire rival defense, now you need to have more courage and patience in attack. This translates into a change in tactics, which involves more ball movement and more passes than we would normally use. A process of wear aimed at opening the gap in the defense and finding the possibility to score.

3. Placement is important

Another of the improvements that PES 2020 brought and that will surely remain in Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 is the change in the physics of the players and the ball. Something that implies a greater demand in terms of ball control and shots. If you now get a long ball or you want to shoot from a distance, you will have to sharpen your aim more to get good results. Parameters that also change depending on the player, his strength and skills, and even the weather. So the elements that must be taken into account when moving the ball increase.

4. Tiredness matters

In order to more easily visualize the physical state of the players, we now have colored dates, which indicate how tired the player is. This information must always be in our minds, since a tired player is not going to perform the same as a fresh substitute who has just come off the bench. Now it is necessary to correctly manage player fatigue and have a large and adequate bench to carry out the corresponding rotations.

5. If you can’t, don’t go

A function that we find in Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 and that is not common in soccer games is to cancel play. A solution with which to correct an erroneous play or save energy running for a ball that we are not going to reach even on a motorcycle. Just press R1 and R2 on PS4 or RB and RT on Xbox One for the player to forget what we have sent him and wait for us to give him the next order.

6. Learn to shoot better

Within the general renovation of PES 2020, the system of player shots has been complicated and provided with greater complexity. Something that requires some training to achieve good accuracy. As an extra, we have the option to activate the manual kick, just by pressing L2 on PS4 or LT on Xbox. This system changes the shooting mode to one controlled entirely by the player, which is ideal for complex situations such as one on one against the goalkeeper. Of course, it is still key to control the ball correctly so as not to send it to the third amphitheater of the stadium.

7. Master the new dribbling system

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 also incorporates a new dribbling system called the finesse dribbling system. Something that is not entirely new given that this game had always opted for the most complex dribbles. But it is true that the new system further increases the options of leaving your rivals and leaving them sitting. If you spend some time understanding how the system works and mastering it, you will have a lot to gain when it comes to improving your game and opening holes in the defense. A much easier process than it seems on paper.

8. Change your point of view

The new camera offered by PES 2020 is another interesting novelty, which helps to see everything from another point of view when playing. Something that goes beyond the merely aesthetic, since the television view, for example, helps you to have a global vision of the field of play and improve the deployment of your team. This visualization helps to better see the spaces through which you can open up the game more or cover defensive areas where the team is not as it should be.

9. Know the tactics and your own team

The qualitative leap in terms of tactical control has been considerable in this latest version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. Now you have many more options to establish the position of each player, controlling more details and parameters than were previously available. An approach that requires some work on your part, evaluating the different options available in terms of establishing a line-up and a tactic.

This approach must also be applied to your own squad, since each player has specific parameters that you must manage to achieve a better result when playing. Having fast players and leaving them without a gap or shooting with strikers with low shooting power is as absurd as sending the goalkeeper out on every ball. With all this data, you will be able to make a winning team with greater comfort.

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