Joyetech Ego AIO Reviews

Main advantage:

Its innovative design is the first thing that draws attention to this electronic cigarette, not only because it prevents leaks, but also because it incorporates a safety mechanism against children. It is also light and durable.

Main disadvantage:

The noise when vaping could be one of the most prominent drawbacks of this electronic cigarette.

Verdict: 9.4/10

It is a model that enjoys an excellent value for money, being one of the cheapest. Available in several colors, you can choose the most suitable according to your tastes. Also, the amount of steam generated is quite generous.

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Main Features Explained


It is clear that the first thing that enters our eyes is the design of electronic cigarettes. For this reason, this Joyetech brand model is so popular, as it exhibits a very interesting aesthetic. It is available in several colors, among which we find black, silver or black.

As for the mouthpiece of this product, it has a spiral design specifically conceived to prevent liquid leaks when vaping. What’s more, even if you’re one of those who take deep hits, you won’t have to worry about the liquid sizzling, as it will stay in place.

The tank of this vape has a capacity of 2 ml, which means that you will not have to continuously recharge it. The design of this electronic cigarette also allows it to expel a fairly generous amount of air. With a length of around 10 cm, this vape incorporates an LED light that will facilitate the visualization of the liquid that remains in the tank. You just have to press the fire button to check the liquid at any time.


Looking at the low price of this e-cigarette, you might come to the conclusion that there will be lesser quality features. However, it is enough to examine the battery of this device to make sure of its optimal performance.

Specifically, the battery of this model has a capacity of 1500mAh, making it an item that remains in the market average. Also, this cigarette has been designed to work with resistances of Cubis.

Regarding the way of charging, this product consists of microUSB, so it is exactly the same as charging a mobile phone or a tablet. The best thing is that the cable is included. It is enough to connect it to the light for 4 or 5 hours for a full charge. After this time, you can benefit from the benefits of this vape. Remember that depending on the USB source, charging may take more or less time.


Among the opinions about this electronic cigarette, we find several allusions to its protection and security system. This is an aspect that cannot be overlooked when purchasing these devices, because do not forget that they will be in contact with your skin and could cause burns if not used properly.

First of all, we note that it has a childproof locking mechanism. Thanks to the fact that the opening system is somewhat convoluted, the little ones will not be exposed to any risk in the event that the cigarette falls into their hands.

But it is not the only interesting thing about this product, since it is equipped with a double battery protection circuit in order to avoid overloads. For example, if it suffered a power surge when connected to the electrical network, its mechanism would not suffer.


Ultimately, we cannot forget to refer to the simple operation of this device, considered one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market. If you’re wondering how to refill the fluid reservoir, it’s as easy as unscrewing the nozzle while pressing down.

In line with this, the manufacturer recommends filling the tank only halfway to prevent it from overflowing. The next thing will be to screw the nozzle back until it returns to its initial position.

To light the electronic cigarette, all you have to do is press the fire button 5 times in a row. So, you can now smoke as usual. In the event that you want to put out the cigarette because, for example, you want to keep it in your pocket for later, you must proceed in the same way as to light it: pressing the switch 5 times. Remember that if you have recently changed the resistance, it is advisable to drop a couple of drops of the liquid on it. This way you will avoid the typical burnt taste.

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