Keys when choosing an alarm system

An alarm system can protect your home both when you are away from it (for example, at work, on a trip, out for a walk) and when you are inside resting. A very common mistake is to think that any type of alarm is convenient for us, when it is important to be clear about the needs that we have before choosing a specific system.

Still don’t know what to base yourself on to choose a quality alarm system? In this article, we indicate all the keys so that you can make the decision without making a mistake.

Main types of alarms

Experts recommend betting on an alarm system that is anti-sabotage and anti-inhibition. 

These are the characteristics of each type of alarm:

• An alarm with a real anti-inhibition security system is the type in which the device will continue to work uninterruptedly , without any type of outage. And not only that, but you will receive a notice indicating that there has been a hack attempt, but it has been neutralized.

• You also have tamper alarms . Its main feature is that it is part of a very sophisticated system that prevents its core function from being sabotaged. It works by recording non-stop and will notify you if there is any theft attempt, no matter if the Internet is gone or there is a power outage.

• A third option is the alarm with disinhibition detection . It is not as effective because, although it is true that the system will launch a warning that the alarm has been inhibited, the system will stop working.

It is important to stop and think about what we need and, when we have our priorities clear, choose the alarm that suits us best.

Protection for all accesses

A basic criterion to be clear about when choosing an alarm system is to select the security system that can protect the installation’s access points . In other words, it must protect both doors and windows, exterior and interior terraces, as well as any other area.

This is more important than it seems: they may be selling you a super alarm and they assure you that it adapts anywhere, but perhaps not so well for that interior terrace that you have in your house. One of the objectives of a good alarm is to create an insurmountable security perimeter and, for this, it must cover all accesses.

Core Features

The alarm should be as complete as possible. It is true that this is very subjective and will depend on what each person needs. However, we recommend that, at a minimum, you have the following:

• Notifications at the moment: the system should send you notices if any anomaly is detected. These notifications should reach the mobile phone immediately.

• Access to the facility: Of course, the alarm system should give you access to the facility at any time to know what is going on, regardless of where you are.

• High quality images: It is crucial that you choose a security system that offers you the highest possible quality image recording, with sharp images and clear sound. If necessary, the recording could be very useful in identifying an attacker in a legal dispute.

• Communication: it would not hurt to invest in an alarm that allows you to establish two-way communication with the people who are in the facilities. 


The price is a very important factor, but in no case can it be decisive.

• Some companies will require an initial payment and then you will have to pay fees for a period of time.

• Others will not charge fees or permanence, but since we acquire the equipment, it will be ours.

Regardless of the option you choose, it is important to do the math to determine which is the most profitable option.

SOS button: Is it really interesting?

Some alarms have an SOS button that can be more interesting than you think. It is also known as a panic button and can save our lives. 

When this button is pressed, they send a silent alert to devices that have been linked. The people in charge of them should be able to see what is happening in the installation and, if necessary, notify the police. It is a way of acting without alerting intruders.

Combination with home automation

If you already have home automation, it would be nice if the alarm system you are going to buy can be integrated with home automation . For example, with digital assistants like Echo (from Amazon) or Google devices.

Keep these keys in mind and you will be able to choose a good alarm system that really protects you.

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