Know the difference between the most popular types of printers today

Anyone who has previously worked in an office, or is doing so at the moment, must know very well the importance of a printer in the work space and the development of school or university activities.

Since the first printer hit the market, its use became universal almost instantly, to the point where it is now a bit difficult to work without one, in addition to the fact that recent models have been improving in terms of quality and efficiency., presenting new systems, among which we can mention laser printers, which use toner to print on materials, liquid inkjet printers and new LED models.

Choosing the best laser printer (you can find some models here) is something that will depend largely on the characteristics of each office, so it is suggested, first of all, to make an in-depth study of the operational needs and evaluate the costs involved. It involves acquiring and maintaining one of these devices in constant use, so that you can verify its real usefulness and benefits in your work space.

Also, do not forget to determine what your operating system is and what is the compatibility with the different printing systems, so that you can avoid any problem due to incompatibility between your computer and the printer. So, after knowing the type of printer and specific features you need, such as WiFi connectivity or the ability to scan documents.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that, if what you need is to print one or another document from time to time, a cheap laser or inkjet printer would be enough. Likewise, if you work as a photographer and need to print high-quality images, the best alternative is to purchase a photo printer. On the other hand, if you need to print more than 100 sheets per day, then you should consider a fast printer. And, of course, if you need a printer that allows you to scan some books, photocopy any document and send faxes to make a delivery, all in one device, the ideal for you is to acquire an all-in-one printer model.

Main features of a laser printer

Laser printers are specialized and high-quality equipment, which are capable of printing on almost any material or type of paper, which is why they are highly demanded devices by digital copying centers or digital printers. These devices are made up of a drum that works as a photoconductor, which is linked to a small tank, where the toner is stored, and to a laser beam. In addition, laser printers stand out for their speed and print quality.

Actually, although it may not seem like it at first, the workflow of laser printers is very simple, since this type of printer works with an ink made up of pigments, which, together with a laser, records the content of the document on a photosensitive cylinder. The content is copied by means of an electrostatic charge. When passing through the toner, the pigments begin to adhere to the cylinder, which comes into contact with the paper to transfer the toner powder and thus ends up fixing on that surface.

Among the main advantages of a laser printer, we can highlight that these printer models perform their work more quietly, compared to inkjet models. In addition, the quality of the images, and of the printing in general, is of a much higher quality and its price is cheaper. These units are ideal for small businesses that require a high frequency of printing thanks to their power.

Inkjet printers

On the other hand, there are inkjet printers, which are machines that work with ink cartridges of different colors, by expelling ink drops of different sizes, which is absorbed by the paper to form the image. Normally, two types of cartridges are used, one with color ink, ideal for printing documents that present color such as images or tables, and the other with black ink, which is the one normally used to print texts.

Keep in mind that inkjet printers are cheaper devices than other types of printing, so they are a cheap alternative for any student. However, we must take great care of its maintenance, to ensure that the heads remain in good condition. On the other hand, one of the main advantages of these devices is the ease of installation, since most of them keep their drivers within the Windows libraries, so all you have to do is connect the device to your computer to start using it.

In addition, the print quality is good, so it allows you to print as many images as documents. Depending on the quality of the ink, the colors will come out more vivid or more faded. As much as you have to wait a few seconds for the ink to dry, in reality, this type of printing does not require drying as it happens with laser models.

The latest LED printers

On the other hand, LED printers work in a similar way to laser printers, changing only the focused laser light beam to thousands of light particles simultaneously, generated by small LEDs, which reduces the number of moving parts inside the printer. In addition, since the LED light is cheaper than the laser, the device acquires a quite affordable cost in the market.

In general, these devices are much more reliable and durable than even the same laser printers. In addition, thanks to the technological advances that we are experiencing and the reduction in prices in the mobile telephony and entertainment sector, LED technology will definitely develop better and cheaper components.

Finally, among the most important advantages of this new model is its autonomy of up to 25,000 pages, in addition to the fact that each toner lasts about 3,500 sheets.

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